Hip and Glute Activation Warm Up

by Lisa Beguelin


This is for those of you who feel tight in the hamstrings, who sit a lot for work, and who have low back pain. Often it is the weak glutes that are to blame for low back issues. This will teach your body to fire them up before you work out.

About the Presenter

Lisa Beguelin

Lisa Beguelin IDEA Author/Presenter

Twelve years ago I won my long and hard fought battle with cigarette addiction and began taking daily walks around my office building. It was all I could do, as my health had declined and I was a very sick and sad person. But I persevered, and within a year I was walking many miles a day and looking forward to being healthier a day at a time. I bought myself a mini-trampoline (still one of my favorite ways to do cardio) and spared my damaged joints all the banging on the sidewalk. Then I added weights, and REALLY started to get stronger and like my body more. I began to realize that exercise and fitness was not just a way of life, it was what I wanted to do for a living! So I set out to get certified as a trainer, and started coaching volleyball along the way. I left corporate america and started a circuit training class and a senior fitness class in my neighborhood and and now help dozens of teens, seniors and everyone in between learn how to get strong and fit and love the body they live in! I am looking to help as many people as I can find their way to a healthier, happier life. Are you ready???