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About the Presenter

Jennifer Landry

Jennifer Landry IDEA Author/Presenter

My journey in the fitness world began at a very young age when I started playing sports. In High School, I decided I was going to compete in a different sport every season and maintain my spot on her club soccer team. I was a member of the High School soccer, swim and indoor track teams. Learning to balance these teams with school was not easy but it is exactly what led me to attend the University of Maryland and graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology in 2011. While attending the University of Maryland I continued to play soccer for both an intramural team as well as the female club team. I also did an internship with the Strength and Conditioning program and coached a youth soccer team. It was through these programs that I discovered my love of fitness. By combining the knowledge of the human body, what makes a good strength program and how to be a great coach I decided the next natural step was to become a trainer. After graduating, I found a job as a trainer in Virginia. When I moved to Florida, I knew it was something I wanted to continue to pursue. Since becoming a trainer I have also found that training has taught me to push boundaries and test the limits of my physical ability, especially after tearing my ACL and discontinuing soccer. Currently I am working toward running a half marathon in every single state. I have also run a marathon and competed in a Tough Mudder. “In order to live a happy, functional and long life I believe that health and fitness needs to be a priority. It is important to set goals that you want to reach and to find something that you love to do! I want to help people make that discovery and stay on track. A Health and Fitness journey is not just about today and tomorrow but it is about 5, 10 and 15 years from now.”