hang snatch to split - 1 arm dumbbell

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1. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, hinged over at the hips, holding a dumbbell in one hand between legs. 2. Back is flat with chest over hand. 3. Extend the hips as quickly as possible, and immediately follow by shrugging the shoulder upward. 4. Keeping your elbow above your hand, allow the dumbbell to float upward. 5. After the dumbbell reaches maximum height, drop your body underneath it, "catch" the dumbbell above the head in a split squat position with the opposite foot forward and a fully extended arm. 6. Return to start position, repeat for prescribed number of repetitions, then switch sides. Be sure to: Make sure chest is over your hand in the start position. Do not begin pull with upper body until hips are fully extended. Keep dumbbell close to your body during the pull. Do not let knees slide forward during the catch. The power generated from the movement will cause the feet to leave the ground. You should feel it: Working the entire body.