Hand to Hand Toss | True Mace Training

by Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists (KIPS)


Mace Training is becoming a popular way to strengthen the upper-body, improve grip strength and even be used for conditioning. The Mace has been around for at least 1,000 years, and has been used in war as a weapon in many cultures. In the world of sports, India has used the Mace (Gada) as a tool to develop strength for wrestling, and is still used in competition. The Mace is a gift from the past, and presently, its future is being written by innovative designers who value this mid-evil training tool. In the True Mace Training: Traditional, Competition & Conditioning Certification, Mr. Maceman goes through the essentials of working with the Mace and different drills that can be purposed to fit your need. In the clip above, watch Mr. Maceman (Rik Brown) breakdown the Hand to Hand Toss. This clip is taken directly from the online certification course True Mace Training: Traditional, Competition & Conditioning.

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