Get Fit While You Sit

by Juliet Gould

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Try these simple exercises to use at the office, home, or while traveling. They are designed to build cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness and flexibility-3 key components of balanced exercise program. Conveniently, this workout does not require exercise clothes or any large pieces of equipment. A resistance band is the only piece of equipment. Resistance bands are lightweight and portable, take up very little space and are safe and easy to use. Contact me and I will incorporate these as well as other seated exercises as part of your complete health and fitness program!

About the Presenter

Juliet Gould

Juliet Gould IDEA Author/Presenter

Juliet has been training for the better part of a decade and uses her unique experiences with diverse clients as a basis for her individualized approach to fitness. She has experience working with clients having conditions ranging from arthritis to neuromuscular disorders. Juliet has helped clients achieve diverse goals including athletic conditioning and injury rehabilitation. She holds certification through the American and Aerobics Fitness Association of America in Group Exercise Instruction and Personal Fitness Training . Juliet has a very diverse wellness background, as is indicated by her numerous ZUMBA FITNESS® Instructor Licenses including Basic ZUMBA FITNESS® Instructor License, ZUMBA GOLD® Instructor License, Zumbatomic® Instructor License, and ZUMBA® TONING Instructor License as well as BODYSHRED™ Instructor Certification and DotFIT Certification. She also maintains knowledge of current wellness trends and research by attending workshops such as AFAA Practical Pilates™ Training and AFAA Fighting Obesity: The Practical Way.