FMA Combative Stickfighting

by Tom Gallo

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Filipino Martial Arts Stick Class I offer to fitness clubs

About the Presenter

Tom Gallo

Tom Gallo IDEA Author/Presenter

I have been involved with Martial Arts for over 27 years. I teach classes, workshops, and seminars in FMA, KMA, C.Q.T., Kyusho, Combative Locks, Knife Defense, Kickboxing, Self Defense, and more. I am a Certified Instructor with Kyusho International and ranked highest in New York State. I mentor instructors all over the USA and Europe. I am the founder of T.A.C.T.I.C.S, a martial art for today's world, as well as - Instructor in KTCP: Kyusho Tactical Control Program; Ranked with the International Association of Kyusho-Jutsu Master Instructors; Instructor/Developer of American Hwa Rang; Former Instructor in Sayoc Kali. For complete bio visit Our Studio is located in Elmont, N.Y. visit our website