Fitness Testing Women 60+ Flexibility

by Sarah Richards


Upper Body Flexibility-Sarah demonstrates the correct way to determine your upper body flexiblity.

About the Presenter

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards IDEA Author/Presenter

Welcome to Results Wellness, formerly GET FIT NOW. Results Wellness is the best place to improve and gain strength and improve movement, and learn how to enhance your nutritional needs and control your weight in a professional and private setting. The goal of Results Wellness is to deliver results that define your personal goals and reflect the sweat and work you put in to improving your physical and mental self. Results Wellness purposefully focuses on nutrition and physical movement. Combining the two transforms your health, your age, your outlook on life. If you are needing to change your mind, change your future of nutrition and fitness, I'm Sarah Richards and I will coach you to it! Results Wellness is located conveniently in South Euclid on Mayfield Road (Green is the closest cross street) in the Maywood Medical Center, Suite 208. There's ample parking in the rear of the building and you'll find the studio to be a place of privacy for you to get the results you need. *Strength Coaching *Stress Removal Stretching Sessions *Balance and Core Coaching *Functional Movement Coaching *Weight Management *30 Day Challenge My philosophy is begin with action and courage, end with peace and strength. Partner with an expert today! At Results Wellness you can reach the next level. Services include fitness and nutritional consulting and coaching, motivational messaging, strength and balance training, Pilates for beginners, a monthly newsletter, a 50+ Fit Shape Club, a Prove It Challenge Club that will make you feel amazing in 30 days, GUARANTEED, and healthy nutritional product options. Taking care of your physical being helps to enhance your inner being in multiple ways. I would approach your goals with an open mind and positive attitude. I can answer those personalized questions like...How long should I work out? How often should I work out? What exercise will do what? How much weight should I lift? I have the experience to answer your questions confidently. I am a former team member of collegiate basketball and volleyball programs at the Division I and Division III levels and have experienced first hand the challenges of becoming a stronger person, both physically and mentally. Come join me in the fight against aging illnesses, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and other ailments that effect women daily. I can help you begin that journey to success today. And I promise to make that journey challenging, yet simple, tough but fun! You are worth it! ask? MOTIVATION! Finally, I have gained inspiration from my clientele. When we work together as a team, their push, dedication and sincerity has motivated myself to new levels. TEAMWORK! There is no I in team. This is the key to accomplishing your fitness dreams! Good Health, Good Life!