Fitness segment on FOX-10 News



Famisha is back as a Fitness Expert on FOX-10 with her fitness segment on strengthening your CORE by planking. Tune in EVERY last Sunday of every month at 7:20AM to catch a live fitness segment on FOX-10 News.

About the Presenter



Fitness is a HUGE part of my life. I am a former collegiate athlete and former professional wrestler. I have always LIVED and BREATHED an active lifestyle and don't believe in making EXCUSES. I've worked in the fitness industry as a Bootcamp Instructor and Master Personal Trainer for over 16 years and am also a PROUD Mom who has made it a priority to incorporate exercise into my child's life. My son and I used to do a weekly Youtube show when he was only 2 years old until 6 years old entitled "Fitness is Fun with your kids!" You can still find it on Youtube, this is to encourage other moms out there to exercise and get their kids moving too. 2015 at only 8 years old and in his first year in USATF Club Track and Field, my 8 year old son competed in the National Jr has now become a huge part of his life. You can also catch me on FOX-10 News every other month in my fitness segment on Sunday mornings. If you're ready to get your LIFE CHANGED and SOUL TOUCHED thru the POWER OF FITNESS...train with me!