Fitness at Home

by Lisa G. Wright


Lisa demonstrates this "Fitness at Home" workout that requires no equipment and that can be performed at the convenience of your own home. Repeat 3-5 for maximum results. Printable Workout Here:

About the Presenter

Lisa G. Wright

Lisa G. Wright IDEA Author/Presenter

I ran and taught aerobics classes in 1997-98, but struggled with "Skinny Fat". I discovered resistance training and more importantly, "right nutrition" in late 1998 which led me into the sport of Natural Body Building. I won awards in three shows and had the privilege of judging shows over the next 2 - 3 years. Now I love century rides and often cycle 150 miles a week. I lift weights 2-3 times a week and embrace the Eating for Life diet by Bill Philips to maintain a "toned" and functionally strong body at 50 years old. I founded Your Personal Best Training Studio in 1999, am a wife and mother of two daughters. I teach traffic safety skills as an American League Cycling Instructor and enjoy helping others to achieve their personal best!