Fit Warrior Workout Kettlebells

by Lisa Brigman


Kettlebells rock! Here is a 30 minute workout using only kettlebells. Start with a 5 minute warmup, do the first combination of exercises one right after the other and repeat 3x with no rest, rest 2 minutes and then move on to the next combination following the same model. Finish with a 5 minute cooldown/stretching. Please let me know what you thi

About the Presenter

Lisa Brigman

Lisa Brigman IDEA Author/Presenter

Reaching your goal, whether it is weight loss, sports related, or improving your health, comes down to how and what you eat. When you start giving your body what it needs, it responds by giving you what you want - energy, progress, change, and good health. Learning how to eat to reach your goal is the key to your success and change that lasts. I can help you learn how to work in tandem with your body and it's natural abilities so that you create the habits and the lifestyle that bring change and give you exactly what you want. This is one-on-one, personal coaching created uniquely for you. By adding good nutrition to your exercise/training program you get the best results.