by Yvonne Ferguson-Hardin


A combination of clips demonstrating one of the types of classes Created and conducted around the city by Fergie. Specializing in the older adult, Fergis goal is to get everyone moving , to improve lives through fitness one body at a time.

About the Presenter

Yvonne Ferguson-Hardin

Yvonne Ferguson-Hardin IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a passionate health and fitness professional and I love the type of work that I do. I have been teaching varied types of classes to different populations since 1987. Working out, sharing, increasing my knowledge,and changing lives though fitness is my mission. Working with seniors of all fitness and cognitive levels is one of my specialties. Acting as a driving force by creating new lives for the inexperienced exerciser, through personal training is another. I believe positivity and optimism are the keys to opening doors and moving on to the next successful level. God makes it all possible because life is a gift to cherish.