Double Arm Swing

by Keli Roberts

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The Double Arm Swing is a classic kettlebell exercise that can be also performed with a dumbbell. The objective of this exercise is to squat down, thrust up through the hips, and drive the kettlebell away from the body. Come down and thrust up with a powerful contraction of the hips and swing that kettlebell away from you. To progress, perform this with one arm. Rotate the torso as you come down and make your spine really long. Maintain neutral position in your head and neck. To further progress this, alternate your hands at the very top of the movement when the bell feels weightless. This is really critical. You never want to alternate when the kettlebell is down between your legs. That's very awkward and easy to drop the kettlebell.

About the Presenter

Keli Roberts

Keli Roberts IDEA Author/Presenter

Keli Roberts is a specialized tier-three personal trainer at Equinox in Pasadena, California. She is a master trainer for Schwinn® Cycling and Glidingn, a Kettlebell® Concepts-sponsored athlete and is on the BOSU® development team. Keli is also known for her award-winning videos, books and training seminars. She is a spokesperson for ACE, a 2007 inductee to the National Fitness Hall of Fame and was awarded the 2003 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award.