CrossCore180 Functional Training Demo and Bodyweight Trainer Comparison

by CrossCore


For US or International Distribution opportunities please visit For US Host Facility opportunities please visit The CrossCore180® provides a simple yet key progression from the age-old bodyweight training, or "suspension training", device -- the ability to rotate. The key to this rotation is the 'pin'. Whereas regular bodyweight training systems are 'fixed', the CrossCore180® has a magnetic pin that can be removed, effectively transforming the CrossCore® from a regular bodyweight trainer to a freely moving rotational device. This results in a whole new level of engagement, intensity and variety. The rotation provided by the CrossCore180® adds active stabilization during traditional style movements like push-ups and body rows as well as the ability to dynamically rotate and mimic sports-specific movements. Transverse plane or more commonly called 'rotational movements' are often neglected in workouts. Key compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench/military presses and rows are all sagittal plane exercises therefore leaving the body weak in rotational movement patterns. The CrossCore® will address that deficiency. Even further varying the capabilities of the CrossCore® is its ability to be used as a weighted pulley system. Simply remove one handle, attach a kettlebell or weight plate and you've got a smooth pulley system to use for a whole new realm of moves. Like any good bodyweight trainer, the CrossCore180® can be affixed to any dependable horizontal mount, such as a squat rack or chin-up bar. It comes with a door frame mount and can be attached to any suitable anchor point between 7 and 11 feet high. The whole unit weighs approximately 5.5 lbs. in its carry bag and will support up to approximately 1,000 lbs.. For the latest CrossCore® info please go to or LIKE us on Facebook

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