Client workout

by Igor Mihajlovic

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High intensity full body workout focusing on conditioning, strength, speed, and agility.

About the Presenter

Igor Mihajlovic

Igor Mihajlovic IDEA Author/Presenter

My strength training program is designed differently for each individual as each one has different abilities and potentials. Proper muscular stimulation is the key to faster and better results. What makes the biggest difference with my training are proven methods of proper muscle confusion and proper intensity that pushes you way out of your comfort zone yet not jeopardizing your physical wellness. The body doesn't respond to anything that is not pushing its limits and anything that is not interrupting its muscle memory. Rest is just as important as the intensity of training as it will be properly implemented to help your body get the full benefit when eating and exercising correctly. My STRENGTH SYSTEMS will introduce you to a program that will constantly stimulate your body with new moves, techniques and routines to prevent your body from plateau and best of all, you will never get bored. So whether you just want to get ripped, leaner, bigger, lose weight or become a better athlete - STRENGTH SYSTEMS has the answer!