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Ch 4 Fitness Specialist -Sugar

by Elizabeth Dolce


short segment on sugar intake

About the Presenter

Elizabeth Dolce

Elizabeth Dolce IDEA Author/Presenter

Feeling strong, confident and occasionally sweaty on a daily basis is a must for myself and my clients. Between the impression my health nut parents left on me, my strict competitive gymnastics career as a kid, and amazing fitness mentors along the way I have been on a path of developing my inner and outer fitness goddess. With years of "hit or miss" dieting and workout regimes I realized (with aging wisdom and lots of books) that I was making this fitness thing way to hard. That realization was when my journey for a healthy lifestyle got real. So real that I wanted to help lead others to this magic moment. That moment when striving to workout turned into thriving on the feeling of being fit. This journey has continued to show me the value of a healthy active body. A body I admire, appreciate and respect! As a fitness professional I offer unique group strength and conditioning training that allows women of all ages to experience their own fitness success. I believe personal empowerment happens through strength and knowledge!