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by Graciela Perez

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Boost metabolism while strengthening the whole body from the inside out and improving core strength without hurting your joints.

About the Presenter

Graciela Perez

Graciela Perez IDEA Author/Presenter

Upon moving to LA and she decided to help people with their health and fitness goals and turn her passion for fitness into a career. Getting a Certification for Personal Training (NASM) and AFAA(Group Fitness), Pilates, Aquatic fitness,Yoga and other disciplines was just an addition to her lifetime knowledge. She created, implemented and developed group classes and personal fitness and nutrition programs for people of all ages at Hollywood Production centers, US Army Corps of engineers, Beverly Hills Country club, Blue Cross of California (LAPD/CASULA) ,Palazzo Fitness Centers (The Groove area),LA Fitness, LA Times Fitness Ctr. Coming from a family of physicians and being a cancer survivor herself she helps clients of all ages with lifestyle changes, water fitness and a variety of workouts that will shape their bodies, increase their energy and reduce their stress while having fun. Because as she says “anything is achievable with love, hard work and commitment”