Barre workout

by Suzi Schumacher McKee


Can you do a barre workout? we modify all exercises and lift , tone and strengthen each muscle. Taught by our staff both with BFA in dance and over 30 years experience.

About the Presenter

Suzi Schumacher McKee

Suzi Schumacher McKee IDEA Author/Presenter

My passion is working with women who want to learn to ENJOY moving by exposing them to all types of fitness ,wellness and healthier eating options. By helping them find an exercise type that they love and can do well, they learn to enjoy a healthier way to cook and eat with "dieting" and make wellness a part of their lifestyle forever . With 23 years of experience in the fitness, dance and health field, I am blessed to get up every day and do what I love to do. I can only hope I bless the people that I have worked with and continue to work with, as much as they bless me.