Anterior Hip Mobilizer

by PTA Global (PTAG)


A simple but effective movement that enhances the efficiency of the body. For anyone whom lives in triple flexion (sits a lot, bends over, repetitive movement) this will help free up the major complexes in a very simple manner. Do yourself a favour and only do one side of the hips and then go for a walk...notice the difference form one side to another? 45-60 seconds will be fine, you can do as many of these daily to enhance the body. Simple, subtle, brilliant is the body!

About the Presenter

PTA Global (PTAG)

PTA Global (PTAG) IDEA Author/Presenter

Rodney Corn, is a co-founder of PTA Global, an educational company for fitness professionals. He holds a Master's degree in Biomechanics and is an adjunct faculty member at the California University of Pennsylvania and the University of San Francisco.