Animal Flow- The Basics

by Anthony Austin


Basic Animal Flow Movements and Switches. Combine these in a flow series to get a great workout for joint stabilization, core development and a great 3 dimensional training experience.

About the Presenter

Anthony Austin

Anthony Austin IDEA Author/Presenter

Crossbones Fitness trains clients using full body movements with an integrated approach, training muscles how to work as one system, rather than isolated muscle training. Teaching the body how to move properly through space in all three planes of motion makes the body a more functional force and helps clients to lead a more balanced life with a stronger foundation for daily activities. Using the most up to date, revolutionary, and latest training tools in the fitness arena, results are limitless. The body can be pushed to accomplish greatness never thought genetically possible while having fun, training to one’s true genetic potential. Find out how far you can go with us and let’s get you started on “An Evolution in Fitness Training.”