Animal flow practice

by Leila Harper

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Practice, practice and more Animal Flow practice!

About the Presenter

Leila Harper

Leila Harper IDEA Author/Presenter

As a trainer and health/wellness consultant, I have helped clients from many walks of life from all over the nation achieve through exercise and dietary programs healthier states of being. The sense of personal satisfaction in seeing my clients lose weight, improve self-esteem, overcome vertigo, bipolar disorders, rehab injuries, or fibromyalgia, and gain a heightened sense of perception fuels my continuing interest in how nutrition and movement affect the human body. In addition to keeping my own self fit, my continuing education includes informative literature in the social sciences, a holistic nutrition program, mental health, causes of disease as well as common and alternative remedies while at the same time striving to understand the physical, emotional, psychological, socio-cultural, cognitive and environmental components of injury and illness.”