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ACE PROfiles:Daniel Yakupka

by Daniel Yakupka


I hope my story inspire YOU,motivate YOU and help YOU to live a life at the fullest,always have a mentality of see the life half-full and have a positive attitude to reach your goals and expectations.This is my story.I want to hear yours...

About the Presenter

Daniel Yakupka

Daniel Yakupka IDEA Author/Presenter

Fit for Life Fitness is a concierge in-home Personal Training, Health and Nutrition Coaching practice. Our approach is comprehensive yet customized for each individual client to facilitate long-lasting change.Undoing years of unhealthy habits is challenging and can be virtually impossible for most people to do alone. Working together as team with our client-coach relationship,you are never alone and anything it’s possible. I can promise you one thing: I GUARANTEE you will have one of the most amazing experiences with our expert team as we do everything possible to fulfill your goals and get you your stated health, fitness and performance goals. Coach Daniel Yakupka ~