90-Second Fat-Blaster

by Shay de Silva


Short on time and really need to make the most of every second? Try the 90-Second Fat-Blaster!

About the Presenter

Shay de Silva

Shay de Silva IDEA Author/Presenter

I love how my entire body and mind feel totally relaxed and energized after a good workout. I created Fast Fitness to Go because I believe that lack of time and equipment should never prevent someone from getting a great workout. Over the last few years, I have done quite a bit of traveling as a project management and marketing consultant. Between endless meetings and jet lag, I found it difficult to find time (and energy) for hour-long gym sessions. To fit in exercise, I created total-body workouts I could do quickly in my hotel room, and I was very pleased with the results! My equally busy colleagues kept asking how I stayed in such great shape, so I decided to turn the workouts into videos to share with them. And that is how Fast Fitness to Go began.