3 months = 500lb Tire Flip

by Ryan Jacobsen

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My client Becky has been training with me for a little over 3 months now and she was lost over 30 inches on her frame and 20 lbs. As you can clearly see in this video her determination is astonishing. her goals are set high in the sky so she never slows down. She works out 6 times a week. this week her challenge is 2 a days. weight training in the morning and endurance cardio with plyometrics at night. An emphasis on hip flexor stretching since she is also a Triathlete! Let her hard work inspire you to keep working and chipping away at your goals!

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Ryan Jacobsen

Ryan Jacobsen IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm Ryan Jacobsen. My belief is on building advanced levels of body weight strength, drastically increasing flexibility, giving you amazing balance and a great set of abs. Our methods get you in touch with your mind and body for a true change in your performance and the way you feel. Being a part of our program and community will be motivating, engaging, creative, and will foster a since of confidence in oneself from day one. We are veteran owned and will do anything to help you be mindful, look good, feel good, be strong, be flexible, and be happy.