25 min Home Gym Workout with Cables

by Travis Tolbert


Functional Trainer: http://amzn.to/2nhuhtK WARM-UP: Squat Bent Over Ys Quick Feet/High Knees Side Reaches Bent Over Ts Knee Blocks Windmills Chest Press/Shoulder Press Lat Pulldowns Slow Jog/Jacks One Arm Rows Slow Jog/Twists Reverse Flys Chest Press Slow Jog/High Knees Incline Chest Press Slow Jog/High Knees/Jacks Flys Curls Cross Country Skiers Rope Extensions Jump Ropes Side Laterals COOL DOWN: Abdominal Stretch Quad Stretch Back Stretch Oblique and Tricep Stretch in Lunge Position Standing Hamstring Stretch Laying Glute Stretch Shoulder Stretch in Lunge Position

About the Presenter

Travis Tolbert

Travis Tolbert IDEA Author/Presenter

Hello, my name is Travis Tolbert and I’m an online personal trainer from Cleveland Ohio specializing in bodybuilding and body shaping for men and women over 40. I believe in shorter workouts and maximum results via my 30/30 formula; 30 minutes of weights/30 minutes of cardio.