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25 Bodyweight Squat - Air squat - Variations and Exercise Tips

by Marina Aagaard-Salminen


1 bad plus 24 good new, special, efficient bodyweight squat / air squat variations and classic squats with tips: Lots of inspiration: Stance, arm position, leg position, speed, rhythm, style, muscle fiber recruitment, muscles involved. Enjoy! The exercises are from the bestselling book 'Resistance Training Exercises' (500 exercises) available from

About the Presenter

Marina Aagaard-Salminen

Marina Aagaard-Salminen IDEA Author/Presenter

My passion is motivation, movement and workouts that work; internally motivated quality fitness and wellness events. Prev. part-time associate professor of sports (fitness and dance), now speaker and 'people mover' for institutions, businesses, resorts, sports clubs, fitness clubs and more. I specialize in Fitness Excellence®, EFT: Evidence-based Fitness Training and FlowMotion (group exercise with flow) plue business organization, communication and motivation for companies in fitness/wellness industry.