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100 Workout Rope Jumping Fitness 1

by Marina Aagaard-Salminen


Base move variation made simple: 100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 reps. Free outline/poster for wall on marina aagaard blog. Some moves last 1 beat, others 2 beats; try it. Original music: Carl Cox Pure Intec mix ~140 swings/beats per minute. There is a lot of counting involved - it is a cognitive part of the workout (note on video 73 hops...). Note for music lovers, the hopping is on the second beat; rhythm is followed, but slightly odd.

About the Presenter

Marina Aagaard-Salminen

Marina Aagaard-Salminen IDEA Author/Presenter

My passion is motivation, movement and workouts that work; internally motivated quality fitness and wellness events. Prev. part-time associate professor of sports (fitness and dance), now speaker and 'people mover' for institutions, businesses, resorts, sports clubs, fitness clubs and more. I specialize in Fitness Excellence®, EFT: Evidence-based Fitness Training and FlowMotion (group exercise with flow) plue business organization, communication and motivation for companies in fitness/wellness industry.