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Skills Not Pills: Calming the Inflammation Superhighway With Focused Nutrition and Behavior Change

by Marc Bubbs, ND, MS


In recent years, the connections made between inflammation and a long list of chronic diseases have heightened study on the body's response to inflammation and how to control it. Dr. Bubbs will explain inflammatory response and why it's both necessary for, and detrimental to, human health. He also will discuss current philosophies exploring dietary patterns, specific foods (pro and con)—and the power of the mind—in the complex matrix of what provokes or calms the body.

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AASFP 0.10
ACE 0.10
ACSM 1.00
AFAA 1.00
AFPA 1.00
CHEK 1.00
FAI 1.00
IFPA 1.00
ISFTA 1.00
ISSA 1.00
NAFC 0.10
NASM 0.10
NCSF 0.50
NESTA 0.10
NETA 1.00
NFPT 0.25
NSPA 1.00
PAI 1.00
PTAG 1.00
PTIA 1.00
REPS NZ 0.75
REPs UAE 1.00
W.I.T.S. 1.00

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4. Anti-Inflammatory Diets Play
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7. Motivational Strategies Play
8. Summary Play