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TriggerPoint™ Corrective Strategies for Hip Dysfunction

by Kyle Stull, DHSc


While the hip is an inherently stable joint, the complexity of the muscles attached to the hip make it susceptible to pain and dysfunction. In fact, improper hip mobility is highly associated with lower-back pain while a lack of strength is commonly associated with knee and foot pain. In this video, you will learn how to assess the hip as it relates to dysfunction of the lower back, knee and foot. Then experience some of the most effective foam rolling strategies, followed by basic corrective exercise strategies to maximize your hip-pain core training.

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Available Course Credits

AASFP 0.20
ACE 0.20
ACSM 2.00
AFPA 2.00
CHEK 2.00
FAI 2.00
IFPA 2.00
ISSA 2.00
NAFC 0.20
NASM 0.20
NCCPT 2.00
NCSF 1.00
NESTA 0.20
NETA 2.00
NFPT 0.50
NSPA 2.00
PAI 2.00
PTIA 2.00
W.I.T.S. 2.00

Video Chapters

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5. Stretching Play
6. Activation Play
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