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The Innovative Fitness Pro: Top Tech Strategies for Business Success

by Shannon Fable


Long before the COVID craziness, technology’s impact on the fitness profession was a spirited discussion. Now, we’ve been asked to fast-forward our understanding and embrace that, in the "new world," having some type of digital presence is part of the survival toolkit. In this hands-on session we will bypass the usual suspects such as wearables and tracking devices and instead focus on options that exist for stacking technology to capitalize on a world that’s gone digital. We’ll evaluate the tools and resources that are available, whether you want to provide your services on demand, streaming live, face-to-face or something in between, and how to choose which are right for your business.

Available Course Credits

AASFP 0.10
ACE 0.10
ACSM 1.00
AFAA 2.00
AFPA 1.50
CHEK 1.50
FAI 1.50
IFPA 1.50
ISSA 2.00
NASM 0.20
NCSF 0.75
NESTA 0.15
NETA 1.50
NFPT 0.25
NIEW 0.10
NSPA 1.50
PAI 1.00
PTAG 1.50
PTIA 1.00
REPs UAE 1.00
W.I.T.S. 1.00