ACE Senior Fitness Specialist Certification

Since I started training clients in 2010, I leaned more toward training baby boomers and seniors.  This is appropriate for me for many reasons.  The first being that I am a senior myself, and that makes it less intimidating for older clients. Another reason is that by living in South Florida, there are many seniors. Since the weather is nice year round, people tend to be more active here.  Also, there are no long, cold winters where one can hide under sweats or other bulky winter clothes.

Since the majority of my clients are seniors, I make a point of taking workshops, watching workshop videos, and long distance & self study in the field of training the senior population.  This population is now also called The Active Aging!


I've also been certified to teach Silver Sneakers. Not only will I be ready to teach Silver Sneakers at a facility when the time comes, but it also added a lot more knowledge toward training seniors.


Just recently I completed the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Senior Fitness Specialist certification course.

As one ages, it is so important to  work on fitness attributes such as the following:







No matter how old a person it, it is NEVER too late to begin.  And if one isn't up to it because of physical or medical challenges, there is always a workout that one can do. I not only make a point of customizing my client's workouts to their capabilities in general, but also to how they are feeling at each workout.

New Studio Additions August 2016

I finally got my TRX wall mount up and have started incorporating more TRX training in my client's workouts.

Last week I got a Pilates Supreme Toning Tower.  It gives a whole new dimension for my client's workouts. I have trained about 5 clients on it so far, and they all love it!

I started taking Pilates classes the past couple of weeks.  As I continue taking classes, I'm learning more and more things I can use with my toning tower and Pilaties Gym Power Plus not only for myself, but also with my clients!


Supreme Toning Tower


Age Is Just a Number!

As a trainer in my 60s, I find it refreshing that there are so many others in my age range, and older, that refuse to just to let themselves go. I love my job!  I have always enjoyed fitness, but I find it especially rewarding to help to inspire women, babyboomers & seniors to stay active. 


As women get into their 50s, they sometimes start having balance issues. It may not be very apparent at the start, but it is a little more noticable to them as time goes on. 


Personal training isn't just about getting stronger and have a shapely body. Although one can aspire to acheive the best body one can have at whatever age, it is more important to remain active, functionally fit and stay independent into their 90s!



BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Specialty Certification

Last year I attended this workshop in Orlando. I have been training the active aging for the past 5 years. This workshop taught me how the BOSU® Balance Trainer can provide assistance, resistance, cushioning and stimulus to amplify the effect for this important market of exercisers. 

I received research-based ideas to learn WHAT to do, WHY certain exercises are important and HOW to implement training techniques. Learn creative games to build functional strength, face the fear of falling, practice getting up/down, move efficiently, train mental functions and ultimately make daily movements easier! 

American Sports and Fitness Association Certification

I have gotten my certification in water aerobics with the American Sports and Fitness Association. Now my current students will know that I'm certified. Next step will be teaching a large group class at a gym or recreational facility.

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Water Exercise Training

This summer I started training some of my clients in a swimming pool. My clients have enjoyed it and tell me it is more like play than exercise. One of my clients asked 3 of her friends if they wanted to be part of a small group training, so I train them together in one of my client's pool one morning a week.


My clients find that they can do much more in the way of exercise in the water than they can on land.  Exercising in the water is kinder to their joints. On days they are stiff or sore, they feel much better after their water workout.

I have decided to become certified in training larger water fitness classes, and I'm currently studying to receive certification. I have purchased 4 new water fitness books (one of which goes along with the certification program).

To make it more challenging and to keep it fresh, I've purchased different types of equipment to add more resistance. 

Brains & Balance Past 60 Certification

Since I have many clients over the age of 60, most of which have mentioned balance issues, I took a workshop with Exercise, Etc. to learn many activities and exercises to improve cognition and balance.  This was a very interesting, busy and informative day for me!