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Staying Fit on the Road Part II

Now that the summer is over and the cold months are up ahead, travel plans for many will change from outdoor adventures, to spending time with friends and relatives. The busy rush of holiday travel and shopping has a tendency to put us in tempting situations! The word 'willpower' is often mentioned in discussions, but proper planning will eliminate the need for willpower! We simply need to anticipate and prepare for moments when we may be temped to eat poorly or slack off on exercising. Bring healthy snacks along with you on excursions instead of fast food or processed junk food. This usually helps with cost effectiveness too as an added bonus. Try till up on complex carbohydrates before heading to a party filled with cookies, cakes, and other sweets. Remember oatmeal can be consumed any time of day, not just breakfast. Try it! There are many lightweight pieces of equipment that take up very little space. Resistance bands, or elastic tubing come to mind. Paired with plyometric or other bodyweight exercises, these items can be used to help you stay fit on the road. Circuit training is a great way to get a quick and effective workout so you can get back to visiting with friends and loved ones. Who knows? You may even inspire them to become more active as well. And that's always a good thing! Enjoy the holiday season, have fun and STAY ACTIVE!


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Triad Fitness Solutions

Triad Fitness Solutions

I provide In-home personal training and virtual training via Skype. My focus is to be safe, fun, and effective. I really promote the idea of lifestyle change, to improve quality of life and long...

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The Importance of Professionalism with In-Home Training

Unless they specialize in training for sports that are dominated by the male gender, most personal trainers will have a majority of female clients. While it's important to be professional and sensitive to the needs of all clients, it's especially important with male trainers who train female clients. In-home training is a unique and challenging form of fitness training. The trainer should always recognize and be respectful of the fact that they are a guest in the client's home. A male trainer should be very sensitive and mindful of their actions and make the client as comfortable as possible when entering their home. He can encourage the client to invite a friend or family member present for the initial consultation or session to make her feel safer. Even though YOU know you're an upstanding citizen and decent individual, the client has no way of knowing this. If the client has other similar requests, the trainer should make every effort to accommodate them. Imagine having a repair person in your home. It's a much more comfortable experience when the repair tech is pleasant and polite, as opposed to being stoic and unfriendly. Clients of any gender will appreciate this. The experience of a first time meeting with a personal trainer can be disquieting for anyone. Conduct business in their home, the way you'd want it done in yours. This will lead to a better initial client experience, and lays a better foundation for a good business relationship for both parties. Regardless of the genders of the trainer or the client, professionalism puts client at ease, and that's always a good thing! Be safe and stay active!

Maximize your Fitness with Fun!

Having structured workouts is obviously one key to achieving a high level of fitness. These are scheduled and organized workouts that may be at home, or a gym, and are usually part of some type of specifically designed program. The majority of our fitness efforts will take place in a structured workout. These are great, and when part of a well designed program can help us reap tremendous rewards. Structured workouts are great, but sometimes a little extra kick can help even more! Find a fun, physically active hobby that provides at least a moderate amount of exercise, and throw that into the mix to maximize your efforts. The idea is that you're doing something fun, and not thinking if it as a workout. The fun of the activity will distract you from the thoughts of calories, reps, minutes, rest periods, intervals and all if those other fitness terms! My favorite hobby for this is probably disc golf, but there are plenty of other fun activities you can choose. I usually end up walking one and a half to two miles anytime I play. True, it's not the same as a vigorous three or four mile run. But, the whole point is that you're getting the benefit of physical activity from something that's done for fun. It doesn't count as one of your weekly scheduled workouts. But the benefits of extra activity WILL count towards calories burned or energy expended where it counts. Your body composition! It only takes a little thought and effort to add a few fun actives throughout the week. A few examples are playing tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, chasing your kids, walking with a friend, hiking, chasing your dog (if you have one), dancing, and of course kayaking and canoeing. What's better than something that feels like fun, and happens to provide real physical results? Have fun, be safe, and stay active!

Triad Fitness Solutions TAKE ACTION!

Are you having a hard time staying in shape? Does your busy schedule prevent you from visiting a gym or health club? Have you felt uncomfortable or intimidated at a public gym? If you answered yes to any of the these questions, then Triad Fitness Solutions has exactly what you need! My name is Paul Bradley, certified personal trainer and owner of Triad Fitness Solutions. TFS provides customized personal training in the comfort and convenience of your own home. I can help you utilize any of your own fitness equipment, or provide a variety of equipment to use during sessions. I am passionate about nutrition and exercise, and have a strong desire to help you succeed. I provide effective personal training that is also safe and enjoyable. TFS is perfect for working adults, or single mothers. Take your first step towards a healthy lifestyle! Please contact me to schedule a free consultation today! Paul Bradley A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer (336) 324-4104 www.triad-fitness.com

Staying Fit on the Road (part 1)

With the summertime approaching, almost everyone has travel plans. The weather will be great and the kids are out of school. It's the perfect time to get away. Vacations can be great for unwinding, but can also wreak havoc on your fitness goals! Instead of completely abandoning your current fitness program, you can modify it to fit your temporary surroundings. The same applies to nutrition. You don't have to toss your nutrition plan overboard just because you're on the road. Just make healthy dining choices whenever possible while you're away. With a little thought and effort, you can return home without adding feelings of self loathing to your vacation hangover. Virtually any vacation spot will have an abundance of hiking trails, beaches, parks, or other beautiful spots to have an improvised workout. Many hotels even have small fitness centers. Finding ways to get your cardio in should be a breeze almost anywhere. Don't forget to include aquatic activities like swimming treading water, or paddling kayaks or canoes. Lakes, rivers, oceans and creeks are a great place to get a rigorous workout while having more fun than the shore can offer. Resistance training on the road can be a snap with all of the portable gear that is available. Elastic bands, resistance tubing, and kettlebells are just a few travel-friendly fitness items. And don't forget about bodyweight exercises! To be continued..... with Staying Fit on the Road part 2

Indoor Cardio for Unfriendly Weather

Like many fitness enthusiasts, I utilize outdoor running for a good portion of my cardio training. There are so many benefits to running on the street, paved paths, or nature trails. I enjoy the sights and sounds of being outdoors. I also like running with a natural and free range of motion that indoor machines don't quite offer. The topography of the land adds automatic incline and decline challenges without pressing a button. The outdoor setting also allows me to enjoy another hobby simultaneously: Bird Watching. With all the benefits of outdoor training, there is one obvious drawback. It's always dependent on the weather. Rain, snow, humidity, wind, and temperature extremes can make outdoor training less enjoyable, dangerous, or simply impossible. But fear not fitness fanatics! There is another way. Indoor cardio can be performed in the comfort of your own home without machines. Cardio machines can be a great addition to your fitness routine, but sometimes it's good to switch things up. Hallways, and steps or elevated fireplaces can be used to get a serious heart pounding workout! Find a simple routine in your house that takes about five minutes and gets your heart rate to the desired level. Repeat this routine six or more times to get a rigorous indoor workout. The routine can consist of running in place or down hallways, stepping up and down a single step repeatedly, running up and down a flight of stairs, farmer's walk with dumbbells or kettlebells, or virtually any bodyweight, or ploymetric exercise. Repeat the routine for at lease thirty minutes after a good warm up, and follow with five to ten minutes of cool down work, and stretching. A heart rate monitor can really help track your output and ensure that the intensity is enough to provide cardioresperatory benefits. You can also check your HR by using various smartphone apps, or the old-fashioned way by pressing down on the radial side of your forearm a few inches from the wrist, and multiplying the number of beats in six or ten seconds by the appropriate number to obtain your beats per minute. Next time weather conditions are less than optimal, give indoor cardio a try. With a little creativity and experimentation you can create fun and effective indoor routines that will provide a weatherproof solution for not so beautiful days!