When women take care of their health they become their own best friend. 

-Maya Angelou


I think I can I think I can

Transformation comes when what you think and what you do are in alignment.  I want to be a runner so today I particiapted in a race at the Northwestern Campus, 4.1 miles. First two for me an 11:31 pace then I bonked. Let's just say I finished and took in some of the beautiful scenery in Evanston. 

The old Michele would have been upset and then quit, not now. It is a part of my journey there will be good days and bad, today just happened to be the latter.

I think Map My Run had a great quote on Facebook, which said something to the effect of don't worry how slow you are because you are lapping everyone on the couch.

Even if you are not quite feelin it, still go for it, it is all part of the process.

What do you think about that you need to start acting on?

Happy Sunday!


Always Nervous

Well it's Friday night and My Move It Fitness Camp is in the morning. My goal for the camp is to make fitness fun and affordable and hopefully get in front of some new people that may look to do more on the personal training side.  Over the past 6 sessions I have had anywhere from 2 to 8 people but as of late it has been 2.  This is the part of the new business development that is so hard to handle. For the folks that have shown up I am truly thankful and I hope I am making a difference for them.  But, as I drive every Saturday morning to Heritage Park I always have the sinking feeling in my gut that I will be all set up and no one comes.  That is a real possibility. I am trying to come to grips that if that happens it is not the end of the world.  Worse things could happen.  One big derailer to health and wellness is stress.   I keep telling myself dont worry about the things you cannot change or control. Yet, I still remain always nervous.

Do you always worry about the things out of your control?


Diet Transformation

So how can I preach healthy living if I myself struggle with making the right choices. Easy because I never preach, I just listen and really help guide and let folks know they are not alone. Every decision has an end result, you have to determine if you are ok with that result.  I for one am not, as I said I am on a transformational journey and still would like to reach a goal weight of around 140 pounds or a size 6. I am not a believer of the scale but use it as a guide, I will know when I have really reached my goal when I finally start to believe the image in the mirror and not the the fat girl image that continually replays in the head. I am working with my doc on a diet, it is pretty strict, so we will see but what I do know is I am down and I love that direction.

What direction would you like to take?

Help Each Other Out

The point where you realize what you don't know and seek to understand is a huge turning point in any situation.  As I progress towards a new certification it is quite humbling to realize there is so much I do not know and as the forever perfectionist this is a tough pill to swallow. This is where you have to realize there will always be someone out there who has the knowledge to help you and you need to pay it forward with knowledge you posess that others may be after. 

One thing I am noticing is that the competitive nature within the personal training business is brutal.  Which I find interesting because within an american population in which 33% are obese there is plenty of work and opportunities abound. I also have a personal trainer, Kevin, who has been in the industry a long time and is mentoring me.  He could have chosen to just train me as I try to come back from my shoulder injury but instead has taken me under his wing to explain the whats, wheres and whys behind my program and general information that will help me pass the upcoming NASM exam.

He owns his own gym and I am a personal trainer within the same area yet our goals are the same to help other people lead healthier lifestyles.  His philosophy is the more educated and professional trainers we have out there the more help we can provide.  Together the more we know the more credible our profession.  I couldn't agree more.

Look to others for guidance and do not compare yourself with others, instead learn from them and be open to share your knowledge. 

Today I leave you with this: who can you mentor or guide in order to make your mission complete?

Day One

Even though this transformational journey began about 16 months ago with quitting my marketing job at Barilla, I am considering this day one.  In order to keep yourself in the game you constantly have to reinvent what success looks like and how you will continue to move forward and challenge your knowledge and choices.

My lesson for today came from one of my clients: she said she always looks forward to our time together it is the best time of her week. That my friends is why I am so thankful I am getting this opportunity. Its an opportunity to help people, so how can a job get any more personally fulfilling?

I leave you with this what made your day today?

Facing the Challenge

I have used various mediums to get across fitness tips and suggestions such as Facebook, LinkedIn and articles on Pinterest. I thank everyone who has followed me and keeps inspiring me with the motivation to keep moving forward when I feel challenged everyday to walk the walk so to speak. I am starting this blog to document my personal journey of Transformation Realization.  Trying to redefine myself as a fitness expert runnning my own business is harder then you may realize.  I defined myself by my marketing jobs for 18 years with a food addicition always looming in the background.  I have struggled everyday, as some of my closest friends realize when the going gets tough I tend to internalize the struggle and take it on alone. As outgoing as I appear I am hoping this outlet will keep me accountable and also maybe motivate some others along the way. I am starting a reset on my focus and diet tomorrow, I know it starts on Monday, right, along with going into the home stretch of earning another fitness certification. If your interested in the journey of highs and lows and need to know you are not alone in your individual struggles,  I invite you to join me and any feedback is always welcome and appreciated. This is a lifestyle but what happens when life gets in the way?