Back Pain?

When we talk about back pain we usually envision someone reaching down to pick something up and fall to the ground in pain. Finds out that the person with the pain had accident that caused the injury and it was 20 years ago. Now I have clients walking though my door that are younger and suffering from chronic back pain. 


This has prompted me to start researching shy this may be the case. After some time I realized that our lifestyles have changed including our work schedules and environments. With the prolonged sitting and long work days it made sense that the people with back pain are getting younger. We have 12-16 hour work days and sitting at the deskl for most of that time puts some serious strain on a set of muscles while disengaging other groups therefore setting people up for muscle deviations. 


Muscle deviations can easily be explained as a group of muscles overworking or in a shortened state while the opposing muscles are inactive or disengaged. This causes over use injuries and chronic pain. 


One of the ways we combat this issue at Kinetic Chain Personal Training is utilizating a custom flexibility program. We learn to address overactive muscles and how to start balancing the body so it will work more efficiently.