Start Date for my 5K goal

I am so excited to have a group of people to join me in getting healthier and in shape. It is such a challenge to do this on your own. 

Four years ago, I was the one motivating, encouraging, pushing, and challenging clients and friends to make their health #1 in their lives. When my own health crisis hit, I was unable to live by the very words that preached to other people.

My health crisis is over and I have had to adopt a new way of doing things, and thinking about things. Now I am ready to get back to where I was 4 years ago with the help of new friends and collegues.

There is strength in numbers and having a committed support group. 8 weeks of working together will help to build friendships through the hard work that many of us are going to have to do. It will be great. I am super pumped and ready to get at it.

See you all on Monday.