Martial Arts and Fitness (introduction)

Hello, fellow fitness professionals. I am going to start a weekly blog talking about martial arts and fitness. How can these elements come together for programming? This topic as well as others such as defining key terms will be discussed in detail.

My goal is to build awareness on the topic. I hope others well find it interesting and educational. Please PM me with any questions or to provide further information if I missed or said some thing inaccuate. Another hope is to build a collaboration with those interested. 

Martial Arts and Fitness (part 1) still in progress

With all the hype around MMA individuals new to martial arts join as their first style. Training to fight or self-protection is well and it attracts many pepole. What about Fitness? How often do you hear people wanting to start a martial art to reap the physical benefits? There is starting to be combative arts emarging into a new life in the fitness industry. can all martial arts be used in a fitness program?            

Muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, body composition, and the mind-body connection are all components found in a Martial Arts system and fitness.