Meade Activity Center Taekwondo Students Promoted

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, we conducted our first official taekwondo class promotion test.  11 students were promoted to the the rank of Yellow Belt, and 2 of the intemediate students earned their Junior Instructor badge.  Previousy, the 4 intermediate students had tested to confirm their rank as Yellow Belt, and they will soon be testing for thier Green Belt.  Congratulations to all!


Next week, Amalia and I will be coaching 4 students competing in the Ameture Athletic Union (AAU) Kentucky State Taekwondo Championship in forms and sparring.  Wish them luck!

Brandenburg / Meade County Taekwondo Update

We have been holding Taekwondo classes in the Meade Countly High School wrestling room for a month now, and what an awesome turnout!  Fifteeen students regisered with the MAC and have been attending regularly since February 11.  Four of these students attend the intermediate class and assist with instructing the beginners.

I really treasure this opportunity the community has given me to help teach your children about health, fitness, self-defense, combative sport, and how we can all learn to live the tenants of Taekwndo: COURTESY, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, SELF-CONTROL and INDOMITABLE SPIRIT!

Brandenburg/Meade County Taekwondo Course

Soon (February 11, 2014) we will be starting a Taekwondo course in Brandenburg, KY, at the Meade County High School's new wrestling room.  This is a very exciting endeavor and one I have been looking forward to for many years.  When my family first arrved in Kentucky in 2002, we knew this was where we wanted to return after my husband's retirement from the Army.  When I began studying Taekwondo in 2005, I knew it was something I wanted to bring back here to benefit this community. After living overseas for the past 5 years (3 years in Japan and 2 in Italy), we have finally returned home to stay.

When I arrived here this summer I was thrilled to see all the great changes and additions to our small town, especially the existence of the Meade Activity Center! I am so happy the MAC has given me this opportunity to serve our community by teaching Taekwondo.  Martial Arts training (of any kind) is a wonderful way to improve both the body, and the mind...and just in case you haven't guessed, I'm kind of into that whole Mind-Body Fitness thing.

If you're interested in learning more about Taekwondo please contact me, or register for the class at the MAC.