Benefits of Indoor Cycling

When you come in for a cycling class know that you're going to walk out of the room in less than an hour a lot STRONGER and HEALTHIER than you thought was possible

For the next 45-60 minutes, you have no meetings, no text messages, no one needing to be picked up. It's just you, a bike and the rhythm of music to take you through a journey of contrasts.

Benefits of indoor cycling include cardiovascular health (lowers blood pressure and LDL), stress reliever aka “runner high”, increases muscle strength and endurance, low impact and a major calorie burn.

Come experience what all the hype is about!

8-week Fitness and Wellness Journey

Discover the NEW You in 2018 in this 8-week fitness program that focuses not only on fitness but education, goal setting, exciting challenges and a never-ending support system.

Nutrition and habit formation is key to any successful fitness program and with nutrition coaching you will be able to create your own meal plans to reach your goals. Once you commit and have a support group that can keep you accountable you are bound to get healthy, fit, strong and not only reach your goals but surpass them.

Habit formation is a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss, pairing it alongside scientific based nutrition will lead not only to the best version of you but a lifetime of success. Our core belief is when you learn and enjoying a healthy energetic lifestyle it can be practiced and achieved for a lifetime.

Are you ready to commit to a new you?

What you get:

Training Session

Nutrition coaching

Personalized Nutrition Program

Personalized Training Plan

Motivational Private Support Group

Unlimited weekly access for Q&A from coaches

Lifetime of Knowledge


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Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Programs for Success and Results

Are you in need of a change in your health and fitness routine?

Try a customized program that focuses on your current schedule with a structured approach to help you reach your goals. Support system are required to achieve success.


Having a coach that has been through the same experiences, can guide you through obstacles while providing accountability and helping you stay focused on your goals is #1 key to results. Failure is not an option when you have a dedicated support system that allows you to build self confidence and create a strong sense of self.

Customized fitness and nutrition program Includes:

Consultation Goal setting

Custom Fitness Program

Custom Nutrition Program

(2)-45min remote live coaching sessions

Unlimited support via email and text

Results for a lifetime


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Benefits of Adding Inverted Rows in your Training Program

Inverted Rows are a great back, grip and pull up strength progression exercise.

Compared to dumbbell or barbell rows which most people struggle keeping a hold at the top range of the position with inverted rows you can develop better mobility in the upper portion of the repetition.

1. Grip a bar/rings/trx with an overhand grip

2. Squeeze glutes and Contract your abs

3. Keep your body still and straight as possible

4. Feet positioned on ground

5. Position your legs closer to you to make it easier and further out as you progress.


To make it even more difficult as you progress position your legs on a bench and than eventually add weight.

Give the Gift of Health and Fitness

Do you want to encourage a loved one to get healthy this season, or do you have a fitnessgoal that you want to achieve? Your loved ones will be more motivated to start an exercise program when given a gift that helps them immediately take action. A gift that supports the balance of body, mind and soul will be appreciated for years to come and may even turn someone’s life around. Some Ideas to considered: • #PersonalTraining and #NutritionCoaching gift certificate to focus specifically on individualized needs and goals. • Yoga mat • Hand weights, foam rollers, and resistance bands • Exercise clothing and shoes to motivate and update your loved one's look • Gym Membership • Personalized Small Group Training Contact me if you would like to give the gift of health!

When Should Youth Start Resistance Training?

If a child is participating in an organized sport regardless of age, they are ready to begin lifting weights. This would occur approximately at 6 – 8 years old. Research suggests that resistance training in youth can result in increased bone density, healthier body composition, muscular strength, overall fitness, injury reduction, sports performance, better school performance and confidence. Can Strength Training Stunt Growth? According to recent research publications, injury to the growth cartilage has NOT been reported in any potential youth resistance training research study. Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that resistance training can and will negatively impact growth and development during childhood and adolescence. In terms of youth injury, there is a higher risk in youth who particularly use exercise equipment at home . It has been reported that injuries from home exercise equipment is higher due to unsafe behavior, equipment malfunction, and lack of supervision. With a properly executed and well-designed program that takes into account intermittently changing various training variables will lead to long-term enhanced performance, decrease in boredom, and decrease in overuse injuries.

10 Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

1. Exercise 2. Increase foods high in Fiber 3. Consume Protein with every meal 4. Probiotics for gut health 5. Flaxseed 6. Fish Oil 7. Dark Chocolate 8. Add Garlic to foods 9. Tea + Coffee 10.Yoga + Meditation

We Have 2 Ways to Face a Challenge:

We can use challenges to reach our goals as a means to unlock our strengths and refine the abilities that we are capable of. Each time we challenge our selves, the strength we create increase our confidence until we begin to see most challenges as opportunities. This is part of personal growth and remember you always have a choice! 1. We questions our beliefs OR we don't 2. We accept our perceived versions of reality OR we challenge them

How Cross Training can Transform your Body

The importance of cross training involves combining strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and mindbody disciplines on a weekly schedule is a key component to avoiding a fitness plateau along with injury prevention. We as humans fall easily into a habit of doing the same routine and our bodies adapt and adjust to the comfort and ease over time. Also neglecting other areas of fitness can lead to injury and overuse. Research has shown that when your body performs the same exercises regularly, your muscles will do what they are supposed to do and that is adapt to the need, function, and demand. Your body’s adaptation causes a fitness plateau along with frustration on not being able to reach your fitness goals. By adding variety to your workouts, you will keep yourself engaged and see the benefits in your healthy body. Join me on the numerous groupfitness classes along with a personal training or smallgroup training session to help break through your fitness plateau and injury prevention.

Mobility vs. Flexibilty

If you think #Mobility and #Flexibility are the same, could be one of the reason you are stuck in the same range of motion with no results and possibility of an injury. Doing only #stretching for flexibility pre/post #workout will temporarily improve the length of a muscle, as the muscle will return to its original state and results will be temporary. Utilizing Mobility exercises and in particularly prior to exercising will be more effective because it is based on movement and control. Incorporating mobility exercises in your daily regime will increase and strengthen your range of emotion while preparing your nervous system. This new strength and mobility will be carried over to your workout and next sessions, to continue to improve performance and joint health. #yoga #bodyflow #jointhealth #sportperformance