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Are You Trek Ready? 11 Useful Training Tips!!!


Trekking appears fun, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Without some basic training before the trek, you may have to return from the halfway as you will be left behind by the professional trekking group.

Following are some useful tips that will prepare you for any level of trekking;

1. Start Walking:

Obviously, the first step of training is to practice walking as much as you can as trekking may involve hours of continuous walking. Make sure to keep increasing the duration you walk every time to be prepared for the trek.

2. Strengthen Your Leg:

You need to have a muscular leg to be able to trek successfully hence do not just walk but also do other workouts such as cycling, squats, and lunges to strengthen your leg muscles.

3. Learn to Walk Properly:

Trekking includes you climbing and descending hills hence your walking needs to be perfect. When you place your feet, first your heel needs to touch the ground followed by the rest of the feet. Practice walking this way as it will help you hold your grip and balance body weight especially during the descent.

4. Take the Stairs:

Trekking involves climbing altitude which requires more stamina than just plain walking hence take as many staircases as you can to build such stamina.

5. Terrain Training is Mandatory:

Trekking is never on a flat surface, but it is across the terrain with different levels, slopes, steep, rocky, etc. hence do not just practice walking but train yourself to walk on such uneven surfaces.

6. Train in Different Types of Weather:

You may not be trekking in an ideal weather condition hence you need to prepare yourself for all types of weather condition beforehand. Train in different weather conditions to get used to it before the actual trek.

7. Get Used to Walking Poles:

Walking pole is a great trekking gear as it takes some pressure off your knees and helps you give some support throughout the terrain hence practice walking with them.

8. Train with a Backpack:

Training for a trek is not just about climbing terrains but you will be carrying a heavy backpack while you are really trekking hence you need to train to carry an equal load on your back so that you are well balanced during the trek.

9. Practice Fueling on the Go:

Trekking needs you to carry enough stock of water and quick food such as dried fruits, chocolate and muesli bar for quick sources of energy. You need to train yourself to be able to eat without stopping as in trekking, you will not get many breaks and you will have to keep your energy levels high by snacking and hydration.

10. Get Yourself Physically Examined:

Trekking will take you to high altitudes and isolated areas where getting medical help is difficult and may take time to arrive hence you need to be absolutely sure that your body is prepared to go through the difficulty levels of trekking. Other than major health issues, there are also several conditions such as a varicose vein which includes cramps and swelling of legs which may discourage you from going on a trek and instead you will need to visit vein doctor. Get yourself examined by a physician a few weeks prior.

11. Break Your New Shoes:

Many people get new shoes with great support for trekking, but they buy it just before the trek as they want to preserve their new shoe for trekking. While investing in a new pair of shoes is a great idea but using a brand-new shoe while trekking may not be a great idea. Train with those shoes beforehand so that you do not get shoe bites and another shoe-related discomfort during the trek.

Trekking can really be an experience of a lifetime if you are well prepared and geared up for it hence do not join a trekking group if you are insufficiently prepared, instead, train yourself and wait to join a later group.


Everything you need to know about hiking


Hiking is a movement of moderate trouble, which includes strolling crosswise over long separations for the most part on trails or ways. The span of the movement shifts between short half-day projects and longer schedules of more than 20 days. It is typically an action that permits gatherings of various sizes. Hiking and trekking are two terms at times utilized indistinguishably. The contrast between every one of them usually is the span of the particular movement. Hiking is related to shorter projects, while trekking is used to portray longer projects of up to seven days.

Hiking is additionally an incredible method to drench you in the way of life and history of a nation or region. Longer projects will take you to encounter neighborhood networks and taste extraordinary nearby nourishment. Hiking is the place the trail meets the general population, and mountain sports meet social experience. Those who are new in the field hiking they need some guidelines to make a perfect hiking trip. That’s why there are some beginners hiking guide available on several online sites. It is your responsibility to search for the best site for hiking and making your trip adventures.

Types of hiking

When it comes to types of hiking so, most of the people never know about it. There are different types of hiking which are depending on the duration and the difficulty of the program.

  • Short Hike: Hike can be as short as a large portion of multi-day or 1 day, as an excellent supplement to a short excursion, for instance, and consistently an incredible method to interface with your increasingly common self. The Hike can likewise include a progression of days.
  • Long Hike or treks: Some climbing (or trekking) programs include more than 12 days, covering many kilometers. These projects, for the most part, incorporate going through the night in tents, camps, or mountain hovels.

These will, in general, be chances to visit increasingly remote neighborhoods, make a progressively social encounter just as regular.

Best timing

Climbing is an activity accessible the vast majority of the year, contingent upon the region. Winter is certifiably not a favored season for climbing programs, as it very well may be harsher and progressively hazardous. Most mountain regions where ski sports are worked on throughout the winter are reasonable for climbing programs on the hotter months.

What things do you need?

For hiking, it is essential to have some main things that help you at any time. These are:

  • Two pair of shoes: one is waterproof and strong, and another is lighter.
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses and Sun Cream
  • A bag pack which is used to carry all the material
  • Headlamp and water bottle

Thus, these are some aspects that you need to know before a start hiking trip. Make sure that you need to select the hiking, whether it is small or long. Take the experience of climbing with necessary things.

Balance Exercises for Senior Citizens – Why are they so Important?


Balance exercises for seniors are among some of the most important exercises seniors interested in better fitness and prolonged health can engage in. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in every three adults over the age of 65 falls each year.

The injuries from these falls can be mild, moderate, severe, life threatening, and even lethal. Falls are the Senior Citizens Balance Exercise Routine leading cause of injury death in adults over the age of 65 today. They are also the leading cause for “nonfatal” injuries and admissions that are treated in hospitals throughout the US. Among those who do suffer from falls, mobility often becomes an issue, independence is threatened, and quality of life is greatly diminished in the aftermath – especially if hip injuries are involved.

But there is good news to be had because falls are largely preventable injuries. Balance Exercises for Senior Citizens can Prevent Fall Injuries. Balance is critical when it comes to avoiding falls at any ages. Seniors who practice balance exercises regularly are able to enjoy reduced risks of falling. When they practice other preventative measures such as clearing the clutter out of their homes, adding proper lighting within the home, getting rid of cords that cross walking areas within the home, adjusting vision prescriptions, and changing medications to eliminate those that cause dizziness or drowsiness from the mix, the risks diminish even more.

It’s not merely balance exercises for the elderly that can have a huge impact though. Bodybuilding for seniors may seem a little overly aggressive to some but working with weights helps seniors develop stamina, balance, improved circulation, and overall better health and wellness.

Benefits of Balance Exercises for the Elderly

Balance exercises for seniors are great for balance but they offer a few additional benefits as well. Balance exercises improve strength and flexibility on both sides of the body. Not only do they reduce the risks of slips, trips, and falls but also increase the likelihood that seniors will be able to recover balance or reduce injuries when these falls occur.

Balance exercises for the elderly are still exercises. In addition to the specific benefits you enjoy because they address specific issues and risks, you’ll also enjoy the many other benefits that go along with a solid fitness program for seniors. You don’t have to limit yourself to chair exercises for seniors, unless that is what you choose to do or your doctor recommends. There are so many great ways to increase your fitness, at any age. The hardest part is to just get started. Once you do, the benefits are right around the corner.

For home care products and exercise equipment for seniors visit https:/




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How to order?

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Why Working Out Builds Up the Brain, and Not Just the Body


When many people go to the gym, they go for a six-pack, or to lose that stubborn belly fat. Both of those are completely valid things, but gym goers and other exercisers should appreciate just what exercising does for the brain. In the age of mental health awareness, there are quite a few reasons why you may consider working out. Here are a few of them.

Therapy can Make You Stronger

Thanks to online counseling, it’s easier than ever to get the help you need. If you need a therapist, counselor, or another professional to help with your depression, anxiety, or your life in general, Regain can help. Not only that, but with online counseling, you can be able to get the help you need while you become the strongest person in the world.

It Makes You Happier

Perhaps the most notable effect of exercise is the fact that it boosts your happiness. Feel-good chemicals in the brain called endorphins give you a euphoric feeling. Exercise is a great fighter in the battle against moderate depression. Best of all, you don’t have to lift twice your weight to feel it. Endorphins can be released through walking, dancing, and other methods too.

The Stress Buster

Do you have problems and the stress is too much? Why not reduce your stress through working out? Working out can release stress and untangle the mind by releasing norepinephrine, a stress-busting chemical. If you're ever stressed about a project, go on a little jog, then come back to it.

The same applies to anxiety as well.

It’s Great for Aging

As you get older, your mental health can decline. This is due to the aging process, but it can also be due to the fact that you aren’t exercising enough. Working out may slow down cognitive decline and help improve your memory and how you learn. It may help prevent dementia. It isn’t a magic cure-all, but it’s another tool you can use in the fight against aging.

It Can Make You Smarter

We commonly associate gym rats with being all brawn, no brains. However, science says this is simply not the case. Working out can boost your memory and help grow new brain cells. Your decision making, learning, and critical thinking can definitely increase with time.

It’s Good for Addiction

If you are addicted to something, exercise may be able to help. Working out distracts you from your cravings, and replaces one feel-good chemical with nothing. It can help you rest easier and not keep you up at night craving the substance. While exercise cannot magically treat all your addictions, it can help.

It Can Help Others As Well

If you have friends or a family who wants to work out, exercising can definitely inspire others to do so. If you have kids, teaching them the value of working out at a young age can help them as they get older. If you are curious about exercises children can try out, look for suggestions from a site like FamilyHype or look here.

It Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

When you work out and become trimmer, stronger, and more mentally fit, you start to feel better about yourself; bottom line. Working out can be a valuable tool in increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, which can contribute to your mental health by a lot. If you're not feeling your best, working out can help with that.


Working out is not just for your body; it’s for your brain too. Get out there and exercise your mind. You won’t regret it one bit.





Red VS Green Contact Lenses


Colored contact lenses are becoming the latest trend now. You might have seen a large number of people around you trying out various shades of color lenses.

Aren’t they looking appealing?

It would really be a very pleasing experience to try out something unique on your looks and having a try with the colored lenses is really a very generous option. You can now easily change your eyeshades and can adopt the look that you really feel suits you better and you are confident about. Whether it is about improving your looks or it is about getting ready for the crazy design of some special occasion, red and green contact lenses are really one of the finest options that suit most of the times. If you’re convinced about them then get it from TTD EYE.

The colored lenses usually come up with or without lens powers. You can easily use them for correcting your vision while looking subtle and bold as well. One must really need to concern a professional first as eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and a smaller mistake can affect your vision as well. If we talk about the cost, it is slighter higher in colored contact lenses than that of the simpler ones.

Which one to choose: Red Contact Lenses VS Green Contact Lenses?

Which one will suit me better: Red or the Green colored lenses?

Well, it is one of the most asked questions when it comes to selecting one from colored contact lenses portion. No one can better tell you than your mirror.

Where red gives you suspicious, villain, or dangerous looks, green makes it slightly pleasant and fresh looks. The selection option totally depends upon the person who is going to use and his/her preferences that might change accordingly.

If you are planning for a tacky or horror theme party or are its Halloween fest that is motivating you, red contact lenses is really a great option you can make in. Bloody red eyes with matching costumes will really go best with your costumes. Red-colored eyes really look scary and crazy at the same time and can make everyone amazed and frightened.

But when it comes of green colored contact lenses, they surprisingly look amazing. If you really wish to stand out from the crowd, green color option for contact lens is really great to go. Green color really goes great with the light skin tone, but if you are having a dark one, the same can create a dramatic appearance as well.

Where red is the symbol of passion and fire, green is the one that takes us nearer to nature. Depending upon your mood to your skin tone preferences and the occasion for which you are going to get ready with, you can check your looks in the mirror before proceeding so that you can remain confident all the times. Whatever color contact lenses option you have preferred, feel free to carry it confidently, as it's your attitude that can let you down at any moment.


Popular Organic Fat Burners and Supplements For You


Weight loss is hip right now. The fever of weight loss and finding ways to lose weight is not over. The craze won't be over as well. And with all the regimes, new diets that claim weight loss and pills or drugs, DIY methods, home remedies, and even supplements, the excitement will never be over. Weight loss is a hot topic, and you will be surprised to know that not just diet, or sauna belts but supplements can also help a person lose extra pounds quickly. Whether you need pills, supplements or medicines, these organic fat burners are proven to reduce your weight and increase your nutrients absorption. 


What are organic fat burners? 

Organic fat burners are some of the most controversial supplements in the market (after HGH supplements, of course.) Natural or organic fat burners are the natural nutrients supplements that reduce the fat absorption in your body, along with increasing the metabolism rate so that the body starts burning more fat. This phenomenon works when the body starts burning more fat for fueling the working of the human body. The natural or organic fat burning supplements are magic potions or miracle solutions that are made especially to solve weight problems. 


How do these top natural fat burners work? 

The working of the natural or organic fat burner supplements can be stated in three significant steps. 

1. It starts with reducing your appetite. 

The first step involves making the consumer feel less hungry. In other words, full soon. The absence of hunger makes a human consume fewer calories. Hence, weight loss. 

2. They further reduce the absorption of nutrients, especially fats present in your food. 

Again, the consumption of these supplements reduces the absorption of most of the nutrients, especially fats present in your food. This, in turn, makes you prone to eating fewer calories. If you don't eat them, there won't be a need to burn them.  

3. They increase the burning of fat or calories. 


Here are the top organic fat burners for you!

While for over the years now, a lot of home remedies have been quickly adapted for weight loss, these couple of organic and natural supplements have proven to burn fat more efficiently.

1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

How many of you remember Dr. Oz show from 2012? We bet you might remember how they showed a little green fruit that looked like a pumpkin. The skin of the fruit is known for containing HCA (hydroxycitric acid.) The acid induces a fat-producing enzyme in the human body, which in turn increases the levels of serotonin. As a result of which, cravings are reduced. Garcinia Cambogia extract pills or supplements are renowned for being a beneficial weight loss or fat burning supplement. All thanks to HCA, this supplement has excellent results and almost negligible side effects. 


2. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee beans have always been a natural home remedy to aid weight loss but ever wondered how coffee beans that aren't roasted may behave with your system? The green coffee bean is blessed with two primary substances required for weight loss; caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine increases fat burning, and chlorogenic acid slows the breakdown of carbohydrates. Not just weight loss, green coffee beans have shown to help reduce the blood sugar level. Also, it is abundant in antioxidants. 

3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Conjugated linoleic acid, the healthy trans-fat that has been popular in the weight loss market for years now. It is filled with the healthier trans-fat that you can easily find in cheese and butter. Good news, keto lovers and takers, CLA reduces appetite, helps burn accumulated body fat fast and boosts the metabolism. While it is a popular natural and organic remedy for weight loss, a lot of people have written about digestive problems. While it is a sound weight loss system, it might be harmful on a longer run.

4. Lipozene

Most of you reading this will know what Lipozine is. Lipozene is a popular weight loss pill that was designed by Obesity Research Institute LLC to help people fighting the stigma of obesity. The company's creation, Lipozine, is clinically proven and has 'glucomannan' as the main ingredient. This ingredient comes from the roots of the konjac plant, also known as elephant yam. It claims to solve all weight issues and has been reviewed by a lot of people to be a practical step towards weight loss.  Glucomannan keeps you feeling full for long, reduces your calorie intake and lose weight. It is also a water-soluble enzyme; hence, once you swallow it, it will work it's magic smoothly.

So, which one will you be choosing for your weight loss regime? We’d recommend Lipozene! 


Top 3 ways to choose best Multivitamin For Men


According to professionals, choosing a multivitamin medicine can be challenging task as one has to invest considerable amount of time in finding a perfect one. Make sure that you are buying a perfect one that will able to eliminate the stress from life and will able to improve overall stamina or immunity system with ease. 

Nothing is better than Truebasic Multivitamin that is considered as one of the best formula and associated with almost 40 crucial nutrients.  This particular medicine is especially available for the men that will surely improve the stamina and energy with ease. It is considered as one of the great supplement that is offering considerable amount of benefits to the users.  As per researchers,, you need to opt for a balanced and varied diet plan that will able to improve overall health with ease. Here are some ways that will surely assist you in choosing a best multivitamin For men.

  • Why Multivitamin is mandatory?

According to professionals, improving a fitness level and stamina can be challenging task sometime as it always requires essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is your responsibility to avoid the consumption of junk foods and opt for a healthy food. Most of the people depends on the junk foods that is creating a lot of complicated problems.  Make sure that you are buying a perfect multivitamin medicine that can eliminate the stress and will able to improve overall fitness level with ease. 

A perfect multivitamin medicine will surely improve the health of metabolism and will eliminate complicated problems from the health. Just in case, if you are facing any complicated problem while buying a perfect multivitamin then one should take the assistance of professional doctor who will surely suggest a perfect medicine to you.

  • Physical health and mental stress

You will find a lot of people are suffering from the anxiety and stress related disorders. If you are one who is suffering from the anxiety related disorder then it is your responsibility to opt for a best multivitamin for men that will surely able to eliminate musculoskeletal disorder, cardiovascular disease from the life. If you don’t want to face depression and insomania related problems then buying a multivitamin would be reliable for you. It is highly recommended that you should always opt for a original product that can improve overall health.

  • Improve health

No doubt, lots of people are busy with the work. They don’t have a single minute for their life. If you don’t want to face any chronic disease in the life then it is your responsibility to make an appointment with a professional doctor who will surely able to suggest a perfect multivitamin that will able to reduce the chances of chronic illness with ease.

Moving Further, buying a perfect multivitamin never be easier as one has to invest considerable amount of time in the research. You should always consider a best medicine that can improve overall health.

A Guideline to the Treatment of Blepharitis.

What is blepharitis?
Blepharitis is an eyelids inflammation that affects people of all ages. It's a common cause of sore, crusty eyelashes and red eyelids.

Fortunate, eyelid inflammation is not a death sentence, as different medications can treat the condition. Before we talk of the treatment, let's first find out the causes and symptoms of Blepharitis.

There are different possible cause of eyelid inflammation, including:
Fungal eyelid infections.
Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) 
Bacterial eyelid infection
Dry eyes
Parasites (Demodex eyelash mites)

There is always a puzzle on whether dry eyes causes blepharitis or the other way round. It is because dry eyes and blepharitis happen simultaneously. Due to the confusion, doctors believe that the two conditions are a chronic eye condition known as dry eye blepharitis syndrome (DEBS).

The conditions come with several symptoms, some common and others on rare circumstances. The commonly seen symptoms are:
Irritated eyes
Crusty debris deposited at the base of eyelashes
Watery eyes
Burning or stinging eyes
Foreign body sensation.
Itchy eyelids
In some instances, blepharitis may cause loss of eyelashes(madarosis)
Some patients may experience all of the symptoms, depending on the severity of the condition.
To patients already wearing contacts, blepharitis may cause discomfort wearing the lenses.

Blepharitis treatment

Establishing the cause of the condition is a proper way of treating blepharitis. Therefore, the patient needs to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor can determine whether you have blepharitis and the ultimate treatment by examining your eyes. 

There are various treatment methods of the condition. The typical blepharitis treatment includes Eyelid hygiene as a prevention measure; doctors recommended homecare and in-office procedures. 

Doctors Recommended Homecare Treatment of Blepharitis.

* Use of eyelid scrubs. Your doctor will direct you to gently scrub your eyelid to remove the buildup biofilm and bacterias on your eyelid margins daily.

* Use of warm compresses and lid scrubs are an excellent remedy for cleaning affected eyelids and removal of Demodex mites and excess bacteria. It helps sooth the eyes reducing the impact of a foreign body feeling. Excellent cleaning agents are vital in the process.


* Use of antibiotics. Your doctor can also prescribe eye drops, ointment or an eyelid cleanser for blepharitis. Furthermore, conventional medicines that destroy bacteria or microbes that cause blepharitis can be a prescription–, particularly when you have pink eyes or new eye infection on top of blepharitis like an eye infection. 

To apply the ointment on the eyelids, make sure your hands are clean to avoid any additional bacteria. Also, use the antibiotic ointment before bedtime to ensure maximum absorption of the medicine.

In-office Procedures for Treating blepharitis.

For a more effective blepharitis treatment, in-office procedures are excellent. Possible systems include:

* Thermal pulsation treatment. It is a treatment method where a device that is capable of melting and expressing any material that obstructs the meibomian glands.

* Electromechanical lid margin debridement. It is an efficient way of removing Demodex mites, bacteria, and biofilm to open clogged meibomian glands.

* Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. It opens clogged eyelid glands which help resume the normal flow of oils in the tear film.

Eyelid Hygiene as a Blepharitis Condition Prevention, Control, and Treatment Measure.

Prevention is equivalent to a cheaper way of treatment. Therefore, due to the crucial functions of the eyelid, it is safe to go for an excellent hygiene measure to treat and control blepharitis. Here is all you need to know about eyelid hygiene!!

* Use a clean warm pad or washcloth to melt any residue in oil-secreting meibomian glands.

* Clean your hands before you dampen your clean washcloth in nearly hot water.

* Always place the warm compress on your closed eyelid for some minutes–, as directed by your doctor.

* Be gentle when rubbing your eyelid margin with the washcloth before opening eyes.

Cleaning your eyelids.


Knowing how to clean your eyelid is an essential move.

Wash your hands to clean your eyelids then moisten a clean washcloth in a cleaning solution.

Gently, rub your lid margin and eyelashes.

Rinse with warm water.

Repeat the process but with a different clean washcloth on the other eye.

The number of times to clean your eyelids should be according to the doctor's prescriptions.

Minimizing eye makeup is a great idea when you have blepharitis because they may interfere with the eyelid hygiene.

How to Prevent Eyelid Inflammation from Coming Back

Blepharitis is a condition that without utmost care, it can be a chronic problem.
Keep the condition at bay by:
Cleaning your eyelid daily.
Consider nutritional supplements according to doctors prescription for healthy eyes. And resume wearing them only when you are well.

The bottom line

Blepharitis is a treatable condition more so when you seek medical attention early. Keep the eyelid inflammation at bay by good hygiene and eating a balanced diet.


8 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Walk Their Dogs


Some dog owners have the intention of walking their dogs daily but they fail to follow through with it while others don’t make any effort. On other days, owners skip walking the dog intentionally. Another interesting fact: Monday is the day a dog's walk is most likely to be skipped. It is said that not walking your dog can be translated to not reaping the health benefits of owning one. This includes lowering your blood pressure. Dog walkers are more likely than other people to get regular exercise into their week. Walking your dog helps you get some exercise in, especially when you have been sitting at work all day long.

According to a survey, there are several reasons why people don’t walk with their dogs. They include;

1. Having a less or no level of attachment to the dog.

64% of dog owners believe that walking a dog is a personal reflection of their love and affection for their dogs. When a dog owner is not that attached to the dog, he/she does not feel the need to walk the dog often or at all. This sucks really, why keep a dog if you are not showing any attachment?

2. Lack of knowledge that walking keeps the dog healthy

Some dog owners don’t understand the need for walking the dog. They think it’s unnecessary and a waste of time. Lack of exercise is associated with obesity in dogs. Walking the dog ensures that it cuts down on the fat.

3. Other Rude Dogs

Cooler temperatures mean more dogs are left outside in backyards unattended. For instance, as you walk by unattended dogs, they run towards the fence lines and start barking loudly. Some dogs who are indoors bang on windows barking fiercely. These behaviors are super annoying and also very alarming for both my dogs and yourself.

One is forced to navigate sidewalks to avoid rude dog behavior. Additionally, seeing rude dogs barking is extremely stressful for calmer dogs. This behavior is impolite to other dogs, but also its pointblank rude and preventable too. No dog should have to deal with such bad dog behavior during a daily walk.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t understand that those dogs are contained, instead they feel afraid for their safety.  Besides, being constantly exposed to a rude dog while on leash, can lead to your dog becoming leash aggressive. Being continuously bombarded with threatening dogs that they can’t run away from may cause them to be threatening back. On the flip side, the dogs doing the barking and lunging from behind the fence learn that their aggressive behavior makes dogs leave, so they in turn become dog aggressive. This combination of bad behaviours and their reactions from either dogs on the receiving end make dog owners avoid walking their dogs.

4. Loose Dogs

Dog owners find it extremely upsetting whenever inconsiderate dog owners leave their dogs loose outside. Some owners choose to give a few words to the owners if they are around. Loose dogs are dangerous and can charge at your dog while walking, which teaches your dog aggression. By far, loose dogs make my hairs stand on end. 

Dog owners must keep their dogs contained. Keep your dogs secured and never leave a dog unattended outdoors. If they are going beyond their boundaries, utilize shock collars to train them to stay within their boundaries. Also, stop allowing dogs to bark and swing at dogs or anyone in that matter. It may seem harmless like your dog is letting off steam but your dog is becoming dog aggressive too. You can be sued if your dog hurts someone or another dog.

 5. Lack of time

This is one of the most common reasons. This is highly contributed by our lifestyle today. Some dog owners have a really busy schedule that entails them leaving the house very early and coming back very late. Even if they come home early, they are too tired to take a dog for a walk. But it shouldn’t really be that much of a hassle. You need to get one of those dog harnesses that just make walking your dog a very stress free affair.

6. Injury or long-term illness / Disability

Another reason why people did not walk their dogs is they are injured or disabled. Some have long term illnesses and some have difficulties walking. Such people rely on volunteers, neighbors and caregivers to walk their dogs. This is a factor that dog owners have limited control over. They would like to walk the dog but they are limited by their physical capabilities. In such cases, disabled dog owners have to rely on the services of pet sitters if they can afford them, or just do it every once in a while.

7. Unsatisfactory weather

According to a survey on Psychology Today, 56% of the population stated bad weather like rain and snow as the reason they did not walk their dog. Most people don’t like talking walks with dull weather. It's more enticing to walk on a warm day.

8. Large fenced dog play area without owner

There are some areas that have compounds that are meant for dog play. Others are safe and others are not and need someone to oversee the dog running and playing. Some of these places are paid for and some are just free of charge. It is a healthy way to keep your dog active and running around.

How to improve on walking the dog

· Find more enjoyable places to walk

·  Set a concrete plan to walk

· Make walking your dog a habit by setting routines and cues

· Make affirmations of commitment