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Virtual Reality Gaming: Putting The Fun Back In Fitness

Meta Description – Are you interested in virtual reality gaming, artificial intelligence, and personal fitness? Stay in shape, and find out how these concepts are merging. 

 Some people call it virtual reality gaming, others call it immersive fitness – no matter what you call it, people are turning to a world of visuals, scent, and sound in order to exercise. Virtual reality has long been used for entertainment and training situations, but now savvy nerds and gym buffs alike are turning to the tech world to tone their physique. Harnessing the allure of virtual reality gaming and the fun quality of online games, immersive fitness makes getting fit a whole lot of fun. 




Take a “Trip” In Los Angeles


Immersive fitness has been taking over Los Angeles, with a CNN reporter recently visiting a location of 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica to witness a spinning class entitled "The Trip." 


This class really does seem to be a ‘trip,’ as advocates claim that it allows them to really get into the action and feel like they are peddling through some of the world’s most scenic routes. 


Kriz Crane, a local Angelino, loves the concept, saying that "you're out of reality and you're in this other little land … the fact that it has the screen makes you forget how hard you're working."


In the “The Trip” fitness class, artificial intelligence is blended with a multimedia sensory experience in order to encourage their attendance and get them pumped. 


Videos are shown on floor-to-ceiling 3-D screens, and music blares out of the speakers. Artificial intelligence helps the system to assess each individual, helping the machine to cater to everyone’s unique stamina, speed, and body movements. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a method of computer based learning that gains information from the ways in which you interact with the software. The AI systems analyzes the data and then amalgamates it into what it has already learned. This enables the AI to learn and grow. A good example is vocal recognition. Every time the AI scans a new voice, it learn even more about vocal features, tone and pitch, and then uses this new information to scan voices in a more complex way. 



Virtual Reality and Yoga?


There are also some yoga classes around the USA that have started to offer an immersive fitness experience. New York City’s Woom Center surrounds its yoga students with massive screens, and a soundtrack that helps transport them to the hills of the Himalayas. A carefully selected palette of colours helps practitioners feel like they are truly at peace with themselves and the planet. 

Artificial Intelligence Helps Everyone Get in on the Action – and get in shape


Immersive fitness classes help users to get excited and involved in their own physical fitness because when they move, the artificial world around them moves in response. Proponents of these immersive fitness classes and gyms think that virtual reality (VR) enabled exercise equipment will be the norm soon, and will be up and running around the country in the next couple of years.  



Can you engage in virtual reality gaming exercise in your own home?


With the success of virtual reality exercise classes in gyms across the country, many avid fitness buffs are wondering if they will soon be able to access the same programs in their own home.

The answer is yes, but you will need to satisfy a few conditions before you get started. First, you need to have a large enough space in your home in which to set up a VR station, usually at least 6 square feet. Then, you need to sink some cash into some VR headsets, with prices ranging between $350 to $800 (at the present time). 


Finally, you need to ensure that your PC or laptop can handle a very high frame rate. Some of the VR headsets on the market come with a few games already loaded, but you will need to select some that have fitness as their main goal. 


Recent studies have shown that some of these games can actually get your heart rate thrumming and give you a good cardio workout. While they may not be as effective as a custom built studio filled with VR connected exercise bikes (a ‘la ‘The Trip’), you should still be able to work towards your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home. 

What’s next?


Now that it seems that the future of fitness is here, what is next on the horizon? Do you think that VR and AI will merge even further in the personal fitness realm, and if so, how? Join the conversation on social media, or leave your comments below. 

Gabriel Patterson, Toronto Fitness Coach on Six Summer Slim-Down Secrets


With summer comes short shorts and skimpy swimsuits, but if you've been struggling to exercise and maintain a healthy diet throughout the winter, you might be dreading the warmer temperatures and revealing clothing. Fortunately, you can slim down quickly with a few tweaks to your routine. Here, Gabriel Patterson, Toronto local shares six easy strategies you can use to burn fat and feel more confident this summer.


Sip on Water


You might be tempted to enjoy summer beverages like sweet tea and lemonade, but they add sugar and calories that can hinder your efforts to reduce your waistline. Sip on calorie free water, which will fill you up without any sugar. If you normally drink sugar-sweetened beverages, replacing them with water can cut a significant amount of calories from your daily diet. 


Run Some Intervals 


If you want to get a workout in without taking too much time away from your summer fun, sprint intervals are a suitable option. In a 2014 study in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, women completed a sprint interval workout three times per week for six weeks. The workout involved four to six 30-second sprints with four minutes of rest between each. At the conclusion of the study, the women lost an average of 8 percent body fat and significantly improved their physical fitness levels. You can perform a similar interval workout with a time commitment of just 20 to 30 minutes, three times per week. Alternate intense bursts of sprinting with a recovery period during which you walk or jog to reap the benefits. 


Fill up on Seasonal Produce


Instead of snacking on calorie-dense foods like chips and candy, reach for some fresh seasonal produce. Watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries will satisfy a sweet tooth with relatively few calories. They also have a high fiber and water content, so they will fill you up quickly. Choosing fruit instead of processed snacks is another simple way to reduce the number of calories you consume.


Head Outside for Exercise 


The warmer temperatures and sunny skies make summer ideal for being outside by the pool, but you can do more during this season than lounge around by the pool working on your tan. Spend some time outside being active. Go for a bike ride, or head to the local trails to walk and explore. There are plenty of opportunities to get outside and be active during the warmer months, and spending some time in nature will make the exercise feel more enjoyable. 


Hop in the Pool


If you do plan to spend some time poolside this summer, venture into the pool for some exercise. Whether you swim laps or jog in the shallow end, you will rev your metabolism and torch some calories. A 2006 study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that swimming laps and walking in the pool reduced body weight and fat just as effectively as walking outside did. Study participants exercised four times per week for 40 minutes per session, and after three months, they lost an average of nearly 13 pounds. They also followed a diet to manage their weight. 


Enjoy an Iced Coffee


If you leave out add-ons like sugar and creamer, a refreshing iced coffee can be a part of your summer slim down, and it might even promote weight loss. One study involving people who were following a diet to lose weight found that those who consumed high levels of caffeine lost more weight and body fat compared to those with low caffeine intake. It appears that caffeine can elevate the metabolism and stimulate fat burn. 


Sipping on iced coffee could increase your metabolism and help you to slim down for summer. “Combined with other methods here, such as snacking on fruit and adding interval training to your routine, strategies like this can make a significant difference in your weight without requiring any severe diets or extreme exercise regimens,” said Gabriel Patterson, Toronto Personal Trainer.


Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms have a great effect on our health. There are many health benefits such as Treatment-Resistant Depression, Cancer, and Terminal Illness, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Help to abstain from Addictions, Increase Neurogenesis, Improves psychological health, Increases Positive Emotions, Reduce Criminal Behavior, Improves concentration and problem-solving skills, etc. of magic mushrooms. In this article, we will know about these health benefits. Because of having many health benefits you can Buy magic mushrooms or you can grow in your home.


1. Reduce Treatment-Resistant Depression

It's clinically proved that psilocybin greatly reduced treatment-resistant depression within 3 months. Two types of dose given by specialists. Firstly the lower dose (10mg) and secondly after one week higher dose (25mg) is given. Psilocybin also keeps free us from anxiety and feel better in everyday life. So, if we take Psilocybin regularly it will keep us healthy and depression free.

2. Improve the health of Cancer and Terminal Illness

The people who are suffering from cancer and terminal illness are very disappointed with their life. Health benefit of Psilocybin help these people with advanced cancer and terminal illness. It works for changing their feelings on their life for the better. Within a safe and supportive environment, psilocybin works for those people to regain a sense of meaning. It helps to improve mood in their life. Research proved that taking Psilocybin for 2, 3 or 6 months reduce anxiety among those people who are suffering from cancer and terminal illness. Psilocybin changing their attitudes toward life, relationships, and spirituality.

3. Improve Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

In one trial it is scientifically proved that Psilocybin reduced obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms. People who are taking Psilocybin of 4 different doses one week apart it reduces their OCD symptoms.

4. Help to abstain from Addictions

Scientists found that psilocybin has great effects on treating tobacco and alcohol-addicted people. Psilocybin works as an option for overcoming alcohol and tobacco addiction. Psilocybin doesn't work like a drug which fight against addiction. It works naturally for changing behavior and thinking of addicted people. It is safe for those people who take it a controlled environment. Because of its nature, it has very low toxicity.

It helps to abstain from alcohol, people who are dependent on alcohol in the long term. Within 3 months of motivational therapy alcohol dependence, people almost abstain from alcohol and live a healthy life.

It also helps with smoking cessation. Moderate and high doses of psilocybin work best to quit smoking addiction. Within 6 months they are completely quit from smoking.

5. Increase Neurogenesis

Psilocybin works for growing brain as well as neurogenesis. Neurogenesis helps us to keep free from depression, anxiety, cognition, heal from brain injury. It improves overall brain health. Psilocin improves mental health with the increase of the branch of brain cells.

6. Improves psychological health

There are some scientific studies proved that psilocybin has a link to the improvement of psychological health. For, example cancer patients who had more depression and anxiety about their life had greater improvement in mood and feelings after taking psilocybin doses. Similarly, people who are more dependent on alcohol or smoking had a better improvement for keeping free them from alcohol or smoke after taking psilocybin doses. Psilocybin helps for rising religious or spiritual power and feelings on their mind. It also helps to overcome the stress and pain that we face in everyday life.

7. Increases Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are very important in our life. Every day we face many problems and depression takes place in our mind. When our surrounding situation going to bad it increases negative emotions in our mind. In these situations, we feel very bad. Psilocybin can help you in these situations by increasing positive emotions. It is clinically proved that by decreasing the reactivity of amygdala to negative stimuli psilocybin enhanced positive emotions.

8. Reduce Criminal Behavior

In prison, we have seen criminal behavior present almost among all prisoners. A trial proved that psilocybin with psychotherapy reduced in short-term criminal behavior among the prisoners who have very dangerous criminal behavior. Psilocybin works upon them and this helps to reduce crime rates among them. This is really interesting work against crime.

9. Improves concentration and problem-solving skills

Psilocybin Micro-dosing is now popular from students to businessmen because of its health benefits. Psilocybin Micro-dosing improves concentration and problem-solving skills among students as well as businessmen. This micro-dosing helps them with everyday work. This dosing works for making good mood and free from anxiety and depression that's why they can give more concentration on their work and improve their skill.

10. Reduce inflammation in animals

Psychedelics works to reduce inflammation in animals. In this situation, psilocybin can use as an anti-inflammatory drug.

11. Reduce Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are one of the major headache problems. It still shortly but give pain extremely. A trial proved that people who are suffering from cluster headaches went away completely after taking psilocybin.



Do Traditional Treatments for Knee Arthritis Do More Harm Than Good?

The traditional methods for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis have not changed noticeably over the last 20 years, in striking contrast to the expanding array of new remedies are available for treating rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, and osteoporosis. The accumulation of recommendations for managing osteoarthritis, developed by rheumatologists, surgeons, or other healthcare professionals in the US and Europe, is also in contrast with the limited changes in their content, the only exception being a greater focus on assessing the efficacy of long-established medications. The objective of these recommendations remains unpretentious, as no drugs have been proven to exert meaningful structural effects. Thus, the goals of stem cell therapy for knees is to regenerate knee cartilage, relieve pain, and to improve joint function.


The recommended oral medications are still step 1 or 2 analgesics combined with a topical or oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), with or without symptomatic slow-acting medicine for osteoarthritis.


Intraarticular injections, therefore, remain popular among rheumatologists, usually for the second-line treatment of patients in whom the above-described oral drug regimen has failed. When seeking to provide pain relief to a patient with knee osteoarthritis, ensuring an acceptable risk/benefit ratio is crucial. The high prevalence of metabolic comorbidities cardiovascular disease in patients with knee osteoarthritis often restricts the use of NSAIDs and, in some cases, of acetaminophen, whose safety is being increasingly challenged. Also, step 2 analgesics are often poorly tolerated, and intraarticular glucocorticoid injections may be inadvisable in patients with diabetes, a common comorbidity in the population with knee osteoarthritis. Intraarticular hyaluronic acid injections (IHAI) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are, therefore, beneficial in many patients. Their efficacy and safety profile are very well-suited to knee osteoarthritis. Over 65 randomized placebo-controlled double-blind trials have evaluated the effectiveness of MSCs with IHAI, and at least 18 meta-analyses have assessed their findings. Also, about ten trials compared IHAI to injectable glucocorticoids or NSAIDs.


According to the most recent meta-analyses of placebo-controlled trials, the effect size for pain relief after three months ranged from 0.22 to 0.39. Thus, MSCs was superior over the placebo, which consisted of intraarticular injection of saline. The lowest effect size of 0.23, indicating moderate efficacy, was obtained from the eight best-designed trials, defined based on concealed treatment allocation and double-blind assessment. One of the most recent studies, a network meta-analysis, also compared the efficacy of standard treatments (NSAIDs, acetaminophen, intraarticular glucocorticoid injection, MSCs, and IHAI) versus an oral placebo. Pain relief was most significant with IHAI (effect size, 0.64) and smallest with acetaminophen (effect size, 0.19). This meta-analysis confirmed the previously described analgesic effect of intraarticular saline injections (effect size, 0.30). Thus, saline should not be viewed as a placebo, and its use in all the available controlled trials has undoubtedly underestimated the efficacy of MSCs.


Five trials compared MSCs/IHAI to oral NSAID therapy in knee osteoarthritis. Symptom relief was not significantly different between the two groups after 3 or 11 weeks. In a review of clinical trials comparing mesenchymal cells to intraarticular glucocorticoid injections, the differences between the two arms varied over time: the effect size was 0.41 in favor of glucocorticoids after 1 week; 0.03 suggesting identical effects in the two arms after 4 weeks; and in support of IHAI at 8, 12, and 26 weeks (effect size, 0.23, 0.34, and 0.39, respectively).


Finally, a few studies assessed potential associations between IHAI and the subsequent need for knee replacement surgery. Two recent retrospective studies of health claims databases in the US compared the time from the diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis to knee replacement surgery in patients with and without one or more cycles. In both studies, IHAI was associated with a longer time to knee replacement surgery.


Although the retrospective studies cannot provide information on causality, these results indicate that IHAI or concurrent treatment measures can delay the need for knee replacement surgery, as reported previously in several studies. The systemic effects of hyaluronic acid, if they exist, are exceedingly rare. MSC cells do not have the systemic adverse effects sometimes seen with intraarticular glucocorticoids, most notably the loss of glycemic control in diabetic patients or of blood pressure control in hypertensive patients. Although infections have been reported, they seem considerably less frequent than with glucocorticoids. The most common adverse effects of MSCs are injection-site reactions and inflammation. The frequency of injection-site reactions has ranged across studies, from 5% to 55%. Pain at the injection site is rare and short-lived. Local inflammation of moderate-intensity occurs in 3% to 8% of patients and manifests as pain, erythema, and, in some cases, an effusion with joint-fluid cell counts indicating inflammation.


In conclusion, given the limited symptomatic efficacy or tolerance of oral medications for knee osteoarthritis, mesenchymal cells deserve a role in the management of this disease.


Are You Trek Ready? 11 Useful Training Tips!!!


Trekking appears fun, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Without some basic training before the trek, you may have to return from the halfway as you will be left behind by the professional trekking group.

Following are some useful tips that will prepare you for any level of trekking;

1. Start Walking:

Obviously, the first step of training is to practice walking as much as you can as trekking may involve hours of continuous walking. Make sure to keep increasing the duration you walk every time to be prepared for the trek.

2. Strengthen Your Leg:

You need to have a muscular leg to be able to trek successfully hence do not just walk but also do other workouts such as cycling, squats, and lunges to strengthen your leg muscles.

3. Learn to Walk Properly:

Trekking includes you climbing and descending hills hence your walking needs to be perfect. When you place your feet, first your heel needs to touch the ground followed by the rest of the feet. Practice walking this way as it will help you hold your grip and balance body weight especially during the descent.

4. Take the Stairs:

Trekking involves climbing altitude which requires more stamina than just plain walking hence take as many staircases as you can to build such stamina.

5. Terrain Training is Mandatory:

Trekking is never on a flat surface, but it is across the terrain with different levels, slopes, steep, rocky, etc. hence do not just practice walking but train yourself to walk on such uneven surfaces.

6. Train in Different Types of Weather:

You may not be trekking in an ideal weather condition hence you need to prepare yourself for all types of weather condition beforehand. Train in different weather conditions to get used to it before the actual trek.

7. Get Used to Walking Poles:

Walking pole is a great trekking gear as it takes some pressure off your knees and helps you give some support throughout the terrain hence practice walking with them.

8. Train with a Backpack:

Training for a trek is not just about climbing terrains but you will be carrying a heavy backpack while you are really trekking hence you need to train to carry an equal load on your back so that you are well balanced during the trek.

9. Practice Fueling on the Go:

Trekking needs you to carry enough stock of water and quick food such as dried fruits, chocolate and muesli bar for quick sources of energy. You need to train yourself to be able to eat without stopping as in trekking, you will not get many breaks and you will have to keep your energy levels high by snacking and hydration.

10. Get Yourself Physically Examined:

Trekking will take you to high altitudes and isolated areas where getting medical help is difficult and may take time to arrive hence you need to be absolutely sure that your body is prepared to go through the difficulty levels of trekking. Other than major health issues, there are also several conditions such as a varicose vein which includes cramps and swelling of legs which may discourage you from going on a trek and instead you will need to visit vein doctor. Get yourself examined by a physician a few weeks prior.

11. Break Your New Shoes:

Many people get new shoes with great support for trekking, but they buy it just before the trek as they want to preserve their new shoe for trekking. While investing in a new pair of shoes is a great idea but using a brand-new shoe while trekking may not be a great idea. Train with those shoes beforehand so that you do not get shoe bites and another shoe-related discomfort during the trek.

Trekking can really be an experience of a lifetime if you are well prepared and geared up for it hence do not join a trekking group if you are insufficiently prepared, instead, train yourself and wait to join a later group.


Everything you need to know about hiking


Hiking is a movement of moderate trouble, which includes strolling crosswise over long separations for the most part on trails or ways. The span of the movement shifts between short half-day projects and longer schedules of more than 20 days. It is typically an action that permits gatherings of various sizes. Hiking and trekking are two terms at times utilized indistinguishably. The contrast between every one of them usually is the span of the particular movement. Hiking is related to shorter projects, while trekking is used to portray longer projects of up to seven days.

Hiking is additionally an incredible method to drench you in the way of life and history of a nation or region. Longer projects will take you to encounter neighborhood networks and taste extraordinary nearby nourishment. Hiking is the place the trail meets the general population, and mountain sports meet social experience. Those who are new in the field hiking they need some guidelines to make a perfect hiking trip. That’s why there are some beginners hiking guide available on several online sites. It is your responsibility to search for the best site for hiking and making your trip adventures.

Types of hiking

When it comes to types of hiking so, most of the people never know about it. There are different types of hiking which are depending on the duration and the difficulty of the program.

  • Short Hike: Hike can be as short as a large portion of multi-day or 1 day, as an excellent supplement to a short excursion, for instance, and consistently an incredible method to interface with your increasingly common self. The Hike can likewise include a progression of days.
  • Long Hike or treks: Some climbing (or trekking) programs include more than 12 days, covering many kilometers. These projects, for the most part, incorporate going through the night in tents, camps, or mountain hovels.

These will, in general, be chances to visit increasingly remote neighborhoods, make a progressively social encounter just as regular.

Best timing

Climbing is an activity accessible the vast majority of the year, contingent upon the region. Winter is certifiably not a favored season for climbing programs, as it very well may be harsher and progressively hazardous. Most mountain regions where ski sports are worked on throughout the winter are reasonable for climbing programs on the hotter months.

What things do you need?

For hiking, it is essential to have some main things that help you at any time. These are:

  • Two pair of shoes: one is waterproof and strong, and another is lighter.
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses and Sun Cream
  • A bag pack which is used to carry all the material
  • Headlamp and water bottle

Thus, these are some aspects that you need to know before a start hiking trip. Make sure that you need to select the hiking, whether it is small or long. Take the experience of climbing with necessary things.

Balance Exercises for Senior Citizens – Why are they so Important?


Balance exercises for seniors are among some of the most important exercises seniors interested in better fitness and prolonged health can engage in. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in every three adults over the age of 65 falls each year.

The injuries from these falls can be mild, moderate, severe, life threatening, and even lethal. Falls are the Senior Citizens Balance Exercise Routine leading cause of injury death in adults over the age of 65 today. They are also the leading cause for “nonfatal” injuries and admissions that are treated in hospitals throughout the US. Among those who do suffer from falls, mobility often becomes an issue, independence is threatened, and quality of life is greatly diminished in the aftermath – especially if hip injuries are involved.

But there is good news to be had because falls are largely preventable injuries. Balance Exercises for Senior Citizens can Prevent Fall Injuries. Balance is critical when it comes to avoiding falls at any ages. Seniors who practice balance exercises regularly are able to enjoy reduced risks of falling. When they practice other preventative measures such as clearing the clutter out of their homes, adding proper lighting within the home, getting rid of cords that cross walking areas within the home, adjusting vision prescriptions, and changing medications to eliminate those that cause dizziness or drowsiness from the mix, the risks diminish even more.

It’s not merely balance exercises for the elderly that can have a huge impact though. Bodybuilding for seniors may seem a little overly aggressive to some but working with weights helps seniors develop stamina, balance, improved circulation, and overall better health and wellness.

Benefits of Balance Exercises for the Elderly

Balance exercises for seniors are great for balance but they offer a few additional benefits as well. Balance exercises improve strength and flexibility on both sides of the body. Not only do they reduce the risks of slips, trips, and falls but also increase the likelihood that seniors will be able to recover balance or reduce injuries when these falls occur.

Balance exercises for the elderly are still exercises. In addition to the specific benefits you enjoy because they address specific issues and risks, you’ll also enjoy the many other benefits that go along with a solid fitness program for seniors. You don’t have to limit yourself to chair exercises for seniors, unless that is what you choose to do or your doctor recommends. There are so many great ways to increase your fitness, at any age. The hardest part is to just get started. Once you do, the benefits are right around the corner.

For home care products and exercise equipment for seniors visit https:/




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Why Working Out Builds Up the Brain, and Not Just the Body


When many people go to the gym, they go for a six-pack, or to lose that stubborn belly fat. Both of those are completely valid things, but gym goers and other exercisers should appreciate just what exercising does for the brain. In the age of mental health awareness, there are quite a few reasons why you may consider working out. Here are a few of them.

Therapy can Make You Stronger

Thanks to online counseling, it’s easier than ever to get the help you need. If you need a therapist, counselor, or another professional to help with your depression, anxiety, or your life in general, Regain can help. Not only that, but with online counseling, you can be able to get the help you need while you become the strongest person in the world.

It Makes You Happier

Perhaps the most notable effect of exercise is the fact that it boosts your happiness. Feel-good chemicals in the brain called endorphins give you a euphoric feeling. Exercise is a great fighter in the battle against moderate depression. Best of all, you don’t have to lift twice your weight to feel it. Endorphins can be released through walking, dancing, and other methods too.

The Stress Buster

Do you have problems and the stress is too much? Why not reduce your stress through working out? Working out can release stress and untangle the mind by releasing norepinephrine, a stress-busting chemical. If you're ever stressed about a project, go on a little jog, then come back to it.

The same applies to anxiety as well.

It’s Great for Aging

As you get older, your mental health can decline. This is due to the aging process, but it can also be due to the fact that you aren’t exercising enough. Working out may slow down cognitive decline and help improve your memory and how you learn. It may help prevent dementia. It isn’t a magic cure-all, but it’s another tool you can use in the fight against aging.

It Can Make You Smarter

We commonly associate gym rats with being all brawn, no brains. However, science says this is simply not the case. Working out can boost your memory and help grow new brain cells. Your decision making, learning, and critical thinking can definitely increase with time.

It’s Good for Addiction

If you are addicted to something, exercise may be able to help. Working out distracts you from your cravings, and replaces one feel-good chemical with nothing. It can help you rest easier and not keep you up at night craving the substance. While exercise cannot magically treat all your addictions, it can help.

It Can Help Others As Well

If you have friends or a family who wants to work out, exercising can definitely inspire others to do so. If you have kids, teaching them the value of working out at a young age can help them as they get older. If you are curious about exercises children can try out, look for suggestions from a site like FamilyHype or look here.

It Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

When you work out and become trimmer, stronger, and more mentally fit, you start to feel better about yourself; bottom line. Working out can be a valuable tool in increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, which can contribute to your mental health by a lot. If you're not feeling your best, working out can help with that.


Working out is not just for your body; it’s for your brain too. Get out there and exercise your mind. You won’t regret it one bit.