New Year's 2013

     Hello, everyone!  Don't forget to include a well balanced diet with any fitness resolution this coming year.  Alway's remember it is 80% diet, 15% exercise, and 5% heredity.  You cannot do anything about heredity but have 100% control of your diet and exercise.  Your exercise helps regulate your metabolism so your diet will be of greater benefit.  Watching your diet is critical because it is easier to consume 2,000 calories than to work off 2,000 calories.  If you need additional outside help with this resolution be sure to visit


                                                                                      Have a happy and safe New Year!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember to enjoy a fun activity this holiday such as going for a relaxing walk.  Take care!

Tummy Bulging Holidays

     Staying active is the key to fighting the holiday bulge. If you are sitting in front of food you will want to eat it but if you have a plan of action that keeps you too busy to indulge then you will consume less while others consume your servings.   

                                                                                      Take care,


Meet up hike on Sunday

Had a great time hiking with my Meet up group yesterday.  I hope everyone did something fun this last weekend!  I have some pictures from the hike for everyone to see.  Enjoy!


An Active Weekend

     Hello, everyone!  I encourage you all to enjoy this last weekend in October by finding an activity that you find enjoyable and fun.  I am playing tennis on Saturday and hiking on Sunday.  I look forward to hearing about any fun, invigorating, and unique activities you will be doing to stay fit this autumn.


                                                                                      Take care,



Hello and welcome everyone!  I am looking forward to blogging about topics that will be important to you.  I plan to use this blog to give you additional information about topics you have brought to my attention.  I am open to any questions you may have and look forward to hearing any feedback from you.  Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you soon!

                                                                                               Take care,

                                                                                               Don Austin, C.P.f.T.