7 Day Detox - The final results

I'm not saying it was easy but it is doable. The worst part for me was being hungry. I don't like being hungry, it makes me cranky. :( But I will say I was able to lead my fitness classes with no problems considering the caloric intake was very low. I had energy and slept well. 

Hubby did great til day 6. He was D-O-N-E with drinking the fasting solution. It was making him feel sick but he fought through it and made it all 7 days. He was able to completely stop all sodas without a nasty headache or cravings.

And boy-o-boy the results were fantastic. If you know me you know I don't need to loose any weight. I float up and down the scale depending on how much fitness & running I'm doing. I started out at the high end for me -- 149 pounds 31" waist and 39.5" hips. My final numbers -- 141.8 pounds 29" waist and 38.25" hips. That's down 7 pounds and 2 inches off my waist in 7 days.

And drum roll please........hubby lost 16.6 pounds and 3.25" off his waist. 

Was it worth it? It was to my hubby. 



Day 4 of the 7 day detox

Today was not too bad. We had a shake for breakfast and real food for lunch & dinner -- fish, sweet potatoes and 3 cups of veggies.

My issue today has been being hungry and I'm having cravings too. I so wanted some coffee today but the urged passed. Which is a good lesson about cravings. On a side note, I got braces on my teeth and it made eating 3 cups of veggies for lunch difficult because I was unable to chew. At dinner I ran my  broccoli through the food processor so I didn't have to chew so much. :) ha

I am so proud of my husband because he is doing awesome and not even eating all the he could be eating. He is following the plan to a T and managing very well. He has not had any sodas which is a big deal for him. Hoping he can stay off of them. I have a great energy drink for him to replace it. 

We weighed in this morning. Hubby is down 12 pounds so far. I'm down 5 pounds and 1 inch from my waist and another inch from hips. 

Surprisingly, I had energy to lead my fitness class tonight with no problems. 

So far I would definately recommend this detox program but at the same time I'm day dreaming about day 8 and what I might eat! 


Day 2 and 3 of 7 Day Detox

We are half way through day 3. Thankful that day 2 is over. I never felt bad just hungry. We do get to eat something about every 2 hours, not much but it's something to hold off the hungar pangs.

In total on day 2 I ate 2 pieces of fruit,  2 cups salad, 2 cups of vegatable broth and fruit juice with added fiber mix in addition to the detox products that are part of our program. I cheated and had some carrots about 1030pm because I was really hungry and didn't think I could sleep. I also had 1 cup of broth and 1 peice of fruit more than hubby. The extremely low calorie intake was making my blood pressure whacky. I think that's why I felt bad on day 1. And lot's and lot's of water. We have not slept very well only because we find ourselves needing to go to the bathroom from all the water. Every 2 hours for me all through the night. My plan today is to get all my water in before 6pm so maybe I can get a little more sleep.

Day 3 started with a healthy shake and glorious food for lunch. See picture!! For dinner another shake. This will be our daily food plan for the next 3 days. Days 6 & 7 will be cleanse days like day 1 & 2. 

Question you might be pondering. Do you poop a lot on a detox? It's a valid question since a detox is bascially a colon cleanse. For me, no more than usual but I'm a good pooper :) Food moves through me on a regular schedule and since I'm not eating much there is not much to move out, if ya'know what I mean.  Hubby is a different story. He is not as regular. That is one of the areas he had hoped this detox would help. So we'll see how the week progresses. Sometimes the body needs time to adjust to a new schedule. 

Another reason for the detox is to get ourselves less acidic. Hubby has a longer way to go than I do on the Ph scale. As a result my metabolism runs a little faster than his. Detoxing helps rev up the metabolism. 

On the up side hubby has lost about 10 pounds and me - 5 pounds in 2 days. But I'm sure most of that is water weight. Which is fine by me, I hate that bloated feeling. I'll take official measurements of weight and inches tomorrow then again on day 7. 

Stay tuned for more on surviving a 7 day detox. day 3 lunch


Day 1 of 7 day detox

Hubby and I started our 7 day detox. I mentally prepared myself for the worst. But it wasn't too bad.

I had moments of hunger pains and moments of nausau. Which is usally what happens to me if I don't eat. The program we are using has a detail chart for us to follow. We were able to have fruit, veggies, fruit juice and vegatable broth throughout the day.  I did feel kinda yucky by the end of the day and was happy to go to bed and sleep it off. 

The point of a detox is to give your gut a rest, remove toxins, jump start weight loss, reset your metabolism. Some people love them -- some people hate them. 
The products we are using help remove toxins from the body through all 7 channels of elmination - colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, skin & blood stream. If you are interested in doing a detox I urge you to find a safe and reputable program that will provide you guidance. 

Hubby is not having as much "elimination" as he thought he would which means his body is being stubborn and holding on to it. Today may be worse for him :( His goal is to jump start weight loss.

As we start day 2 it's raining so it will be hard to keep busy & keep our minds off being hungry.

I'm thinking the occasional fast could be a good thing. It can reset our thinking about food and how we use it to comfort ourselves. Or think about the abundance we have and many others do not. 

This can be a spirtual journey as well as a physical one for our health. Day 1 keeping busy


Alkaline Diet - The Principals of Acid & Alkaline

Just as our normal body temperature is
98.6°, there are other measures of a
normal condition or homeostasis within
the body. The levels of sugar, oxygen,
and carbon dioxide within the
blood must all be stable, and the
pH (the balance between acid
and alkaline) of the bodily
fluids, including the blood,
should be 7.4, slightly
Balanced body chemistry pH is vital to immune health and
disease correction. The body has alkaline parts (like the blood)
and acid parts (like the inside of the stomach), but when our
over-all body chemistry is over-acid, we open ourselves up for
arthritis type diseases. A healthy body keeps large alkaline
reserves to meet the demands of too many acid-producing
foods. When these are depleted beyond a 3:1 ratio, health
can be seriously threatened.
Knowledge of how to keep your body in a slightly alkaline
condition is vital to restoring your health. Without this
knowledge you cannot maintain the proper pH for your body
to function and for the living ecosystem within you to survive.
An acid/alkaline imbalance toward too much acidity allows
yeast, viruses, rebellious cancer cells, and various other
parasites to thrive. Acidity also leads to conditions such as
chronic fatigue, AIDS, arthritis, and allergies.
The typical American diet is high in foods that cause our
bodies to become acidic. It is no wonder, then, that these
serious conditions are becoming more prevalent. If you have
an acidic condition from eating an acid-forming diet, your
body constantly is trying to return to an alkaline state by
calling on your stored reserves of alkaline minerals: sodium,
calcium, potassium and magnesium. If you continue eating
foods that are highly acid-forming, you leach even more
alkaline minerals from your body, creating a mineral
deficiency that becomes severe over time.

Approximately 20% of the foods on your plate at each meal should
be acid-forming, and approximately 80% should be alkaline-forming.

Common Causes Of An Over-acid Body
Mental stress and tension (stress creates acid in the body!);
over-eating; kidney, liver or adrenal malfunction; poor diet
with excess acid-forming foods, such as caffeine, fried foods,
tobacco, or sweets. Acidosis can often be related to or
caused by arthritis, diabetes or borderline diabetes.

Taken from the Genesis Pure Alkaline Diet Protocol

Building People's Bodies through Lifestyle changes

$2.1 Trillion will be spent on chronic disease this year. Why not help the body help itself? I'm not saying it's easy but a long and healthy life will make it worth it. Have you every seen someone sick who was willing to pay any amount of money to be healthy? Why not spend a little money now and exercise self control and discipline to maintain your health? How? Read on

1. Cleanse the body - The quickest way to clean the human body is to clean the intestines. Use a product like Cleanse by Genesis Pure. It's a safe & effective detox. Drink Alkaline water, take probiotics and eat raw & green veggies.

2. Balance the body - set up a good foundation by alkalizing the body and feeding the glands with a GoYin by Genesis Pure.

3. Build up the body - with product like Daily Build by Genesis Pure, healthy energy drinks, calcium.


4 steps to weight loss

According to the CDC Half of all americans will be obese by 2030. That's 50% -- Half -- good grief, it's an epidemic that will have health care costs of over 66 Billion dollars. This is serious. It's time to help yourself and help others get their weight under control or maintain their weight..

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Lindsey Duncan tell his plan for weight loss that he gives his clients. Dr. Duncan is a nutritionist and homeopathic doctor with over 40,000 clinical hours. He’s also founder and chief formulator of Genesis Pure, an up and coming wellness and supplement company. You may have seen him recently on The View or Dr. Oz. He is absolutely fascinating to hear speak about nutrition and the efforts – good & bad on the body.

  1. Diet – the Genesis Pure Alkaline Diet with lots of raw veggies. This diet gets our Ph balanced and maintained
  2. Execise – we need to sweat, pant and move. The body is made to move. Sweat releases toxins from our body and deep breathing helps relax us.
  3. Lot’s of water – alkaline water if possible. You can find this at a health foot store. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces. A 150 person should be drinking 75 ounces or 9 to 10 cups (8 oz) of water  each day.
  4. Supplementation – Of course Dr. Duncan recommends Genesis Pure products because of their quality and purity.
    1. Cleanse – you should be eliminating your bowels 2 to 3 times per day.
    2. Green Coffee Bean – Scientifically proven to aid in weight loss
    3. Pure Café coffee- Get your coffee in a healthy way. This heats up the body to aid in weight loss
    4. Daily Build – get your vitamins. People are nutritional depleted even if you think you are eating a healthy diet. We all need extra vitamins and minerals
    5. Metabolic Boost – Helps release toxin and promotes energy
    6. HealthTrim Control  - appetie control and fat burning
    7. Pure energy drinks – healthy energy without caffeine
    8. HealthTrim meal replacement shakes
    9. Fruit & Fiber – the extra fiber helps aid elimination and keeps your feeling full.

For more information about these supplements contact me at barbara@bsquaredfitness.com

Support your Immune System

Here are a few suggestions to  effectively support your immune system and steer clear of illness.

1. Manage your stress levels. The number one enemy of the immune system is stress. We should not be stressed to the max each and every day. Sometimes tough choice have to be made to get stress under control.

2. Support your body through food -- REAL food, mostly whole foods. That would be veggies and fruit, lean protein. Organic if you can. Stay away from overly processed and fast foods.

3. Exercise. The general rule of thumb is 30 minutes per day to maintain general health. Possible more for weight loss.

4. Supplementation. Supplements do two things. 1. fill the nutritional gaps in our diet. 2. provides gains in areas of deficiency.

I can provide several suggestion on supplements that specifically support the immune system. Contact me for help. http://www.genesispure.com/bsquaredfitness

To Detox or not to Detox

I recently started using some new products. It's a program of cleanse, balance and build. You need to cleanse the body in order for the good stuff your putting into it can do it's job. Think of putting clean water into a dirty glass. Is the water still clean?

This detox is safe to use and doesn't make you stay close to a bathroom for days. One thing I was told to drink lots of water. And boy they were not kidding. I thought I drank enough but I started feeling yucky and getting headaches. That's all the toxins in my body getting all stirred up, The extra water helps flush them out. I started feeling better in a matter of a couple of hours once I got my water intake up.

Rule of thumb, drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. And an extra glass for every caffienated drink you have. That's nine 8oz glasses of water a day for me. Unless you measure it out, you probably are not drinking enough water.

Two thumbs up on the detox. It was easy, safe and I got great results.  I feel less bloated, my skin looks better, my digestion is better.

Not all detoxes are created equal. Go with a proven product.

Finally, wellness & nutrition added to my tools to help

I've had different groups ask me in the past to represent weight loss or supplement products. But I just couldn't find ones that agreed with my personal philosopy. I'm more into a clean eating program but what I've found is you have to eat a lot of food for a proper clean eating regimen.  I just don't eat that much.

Now I can supplement my health & fitness programs with healthy, clean supplements, weight loss & sports nutrition. And I'm super excited about it.

It's too much for me to explain in this blog. If you'd like information for your specific needs please contact me.