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Directional Momentum Training

The Jungshin Story by Melissa Archibald

PART 1: Building a Physical Foundation 


The Jungshin Fitness story began with the physical, mental, and emotional evolution of its founder Annika Kahn. From a very early age, Annika found sanctuary in exercise and the refuge that intense and focused training brought from her challenging up-bringing. Using movement as a form of meditation, she increased her strength and power to compliment her mental preparation. An accomplished competitive athlete, she recognized and harnessed the power of the critical mind/body connection to earn national and world championship rankings in the sports of swimming, tennis, rowing and running.


After a life-altering car accident, Annika shifted her focus and began her journey in the Korean Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won—a practice that integrates a spectrum of Asian fighting arts, weapons training, physical conditioning and mental development. For the next decade, she dedicated herself to the art, training up to six hours a day and achieving a fourth degree black belt. At the peak of her physical achievements, she exercised speed and self-discipline, experiencing a heightened amount of natural energy and a true passion for life.


PART II: Developing the Focused Mind


Jungshin Fitness was borne through the birth of her son. An uneventful pregnancy which led to a harrowing labor that resulted in ravaging her core and spine, puncturing her spinal sac. With a long road to health on the horizon, Annika knew she needed to look inward for the will to persevere. Her martial arts instructor Master Sun Jin Su called the hospital where he honored her son with the middle name Jungshin—literally translated to “straight spirit” or “awakened mind.” 


With her body and mind in need of healing, Annika once again looked toward her lifelong practice of physical training and mental focus to overcome adversity. Initially she picked up the sword as a tool to help strengthen the muscles supporting her spine. She began developing simple strikes and stances with coordination and intent to strengthen the muscles supporting her injured spine. As she grew stronger, the sword grew to become more than a weighted tool to gain strength or an implement of force. The sword became an extension of her body and its rhythmic use had a focusing, meditative effect—enabling a Focused Mind. Jungshin became a warrior workout that transforms both mind and body through attitude and approach. 


PART III: Fostering Everyone’s Warrior Within


Beyond her personal journey back to health, Annika recognized that anyone can benefit from the integration of martial arts with modern conditioning that is Jungshin Fitness. The sequencing of stances, strikes, slices, and flows using the organic, weighted lever of the wooden sword resulted in an authentic movement system that brings out warrior attributes in everyone. Participants realized the powerful benefits of exercise with a relaxed and focused mind through a dynamic, full-body rotational workout leaving them empowered and revitalized.


Jungshin Fitness is destined to help individuals transform their bodies and minds, rapidly gaining in popularity as Annika teaches classes and shares the Jungshin philosophy with master trainers across the US and internationally. Creating a fitness movement that encourages passion and motivation that is inclusive of everyone regardless of fitness ability. Through Jungshin Fitness, cultivating a global community of noble warriors, empowered and confident, who embrace the power of their mind/body connection to lead heathy, balanced and fulfilled lives.


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Posture and Swords

Posture is an essential part of our vitality, health and energy. When our posture is poor we have less energy flow. When our energy flows are suboptimal, the central nervous system may perceive this as a threat resulting in giving the “cold shoulder” to the paths of connective tissue in the body. The less communication, the more we perceive unpleasant sensations, or pain. When our posture is good, the force of gravity flows through us, we begin to walk forward in alignment on the path to our optimal well being.

Jungshin is about posture, corrective posture and alignment true to the person moving. With the help of the sword, we gain correct space and distance to and from the ground while lessening the internal and external stressors that cause our energy flows to tighten. With a carefully crafted, aerodynamically cut sword we help you reclaim your health by matching every stance and strike to a critical organ of the body. Jungshin helps you enhance your relationship to gravity while engaging

Speed of motion
Range of motion
Direction of motion
At all times, the warrior way.

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Exercise -get addicted

We can either exercise or take drugs (and doing "nothing" is a drug). 

The first creates heightened perception, awareness, and approach. The latter creates illusions upon illusions. The first needs to be done to understand the shift in mind,body,spirit. The latter needs to be left alone to understand the void in mind,body,spirit.

Get addicted to the first. 


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