Strength Training Will Keep You Young

Many people today are continually looking for a magical quick-fix to weight loss, maintenance of health, youthful appearance, and vitality. The truth is…
There is no quick fix! There is however a way that can help with the things people are looking for, and it can be accomplished in 30-40 minutes. The best solution has proven success and has shown to help in all areas, time and time again. The answer is strength training.
Strength Training Will Keep You Young!  Strength Training is exercise that creates a muscular contraction by using gravity or a force to oppose muscle contraction. Strength Training Will Keep You Young, and has shown to be the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth. It has many health benefits such as strengthening your bones and heart, improving your balance, helping you lose body fat, maintain skeletal muscle, and more. No other single activity has a more positive impact on your mind and body, than Strength Training which is why Strength Training Will Keep You Young.


  1. Increased Bone Density, Preservation of Lean Muscle, and Joint Support
People can lose up to 1% of their muscle and bone density per year after the age 30. For women this amount doubles during menopause. Decreased bone density is the leading cause of osteoporosis, yet it is preventable nine times out of ten with regular weight bearing exercise.
Muscle hypertrophy and atrophy can be prevented through regular strength training. It will preserve lean muscle mass, prevent saggy skin, and help keep joint pain to a minimum.
The best protection for the joints is to ensure their surrounding muscles are strong enough to support them. Your core (abdominal and low back muscles) supports your spine, your leg muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves) support your knee, and so on.
Improvements on bone density, muscle strength and tone, and joint support keeps injuries at a minimum or prevents them all together.
  1. Increased Metabolism
Research has found that for every pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35-50 more calories each day. Every muscle cell gained helps increase the metabolism. Therefore, you burn more calories, when active, inactive AND while sleeping.
  1. Better Posture
Stronger muscles help maintain proper posture. Improved posture allows you to move more efficiently, with more range of motion and freedom, will give you more confidence, and makes you look slimmer.
  1. Decreases the Risk of Diabetes
Adult-onset diabetes is a growing epidemic. Research has found that a few months of regular weight training can increase glucose utilization by 23%.
  1. Reduced Stress
Strength training elevates the level of endorphins which has been shown to combat stress. Strength training has also been recommended as one of the greatest antidepressant, improved sleep aid, and overall factor in quality of life improvement because it combats stress.


No Matter How Old You Are Strength Training Will Keep You Young and Feeling Good. Remember this doesn’t mean bodybuilding and bulking up big muscles. The implementation of a regular weight/strength training routine that targets specific muscle groups can give you exactly what you need. This can also be done right at home with Beachbody’s New Master’s Hammer and Chisel Program, or other programs like P90X3Body Beast21 Day Fix, or 21 Day Fix ExtremeRegardless of your gender, age, or current abilities, all of these programs can be modified to fit your training abilities and provide you the muscle your body needs and craves to have.  
Strength training will make you will feel healthier, have more energy, look better, reduce the risk of injury, and decrease joint and muscle pain. Strength Training Will Keep You Young, and is the closest thing we have to the Fountain of Youth. It is never too late to get started.!248

Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit

Our nation is exploding with the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. This explosion is coming from the massive consumption of fast food, sugary and fatty junk foods, and other processed foods that Americans continue to consume at increasing rates. We are a nation that has Junk Food Habits that need to be broken.
So how do we make a change? With a few Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit, and a little effort, you can get those Junk Food Habits back under control.
These Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit will help adjust the wiring in your brain. Unfortunately, by adulthood, most of us are a hodgepodge of neuroses and psychoses and we have developed habits that may have made junk food a security blanket, and unless we work on making some changes this urge to splurge will never vanish. Yes, we can consciously understand that our body does crave and want healthy food, but your psyche may never stop seeking validation of a junk food style.


Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit begin with training your body with clean nutrition. Eating correctly goes a long way toward helping a junk food mentality. When you spend significant time eating clean (consistently for 6-12 months), your digestive system will begin to lose its ability to handle the toxic effects of a sugar hit, not to mention preservatives and other synthetic additives.
Step 1 – Clean All Junk Food Out of Your Home
Out of Sight Out of Mind! If the ice cream is not in the freezer, odds are that you won’t go out late at night to buy some.
If you don’t have access to the junk, you’re more likely to grab something healthy, like baby carrots.
Step 2 – Eat Clean 80-85% of the Time
Just because your kitchen cupboard no longer looks like a candy and junk food aisle at the grocery store doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those things once in a while. If most of your nutrition is super tight, you’re doing great, so cut yourself some slack, and relax 15-20% of the time. The biggest thing to remember is in the beginning it will be to your benefit to be really consistent and tight until you hit some or all of your goals.
Step 3 – Be Prepared with Healthy Foods at All Times
Being prepared is half the battle. Be sure to carry a purse or a backpack wherever you go. Always keep healthy snacks like apples or raw nuts with you. This will keep you from getting too hungry and making bad decisions. When you are prepared you don’t have that excuse.


Great Snack Ideas:
  • Fresh fruit (Apples, plums, pears, and stone fruit travel well!)
  • Dried fruit
  • Raw nuts
  • Whole-grain crackers
  • Shakeology packet
Step 4 – Try New Fruits and Veggies
There are plenty of different, healthy foods that many of us have never tried. You don’t always have to go for the same old boring oranges or carrots.  Look for fruits and vegetables that you have never tried, find new things you like, and look for new ways to use them in your meals.
Step 5 – Binge on Healthy Foods
If you just have the urge to use food as a security blanket because you have not quite broken that old habit, hit the fridge and binge on healthy foods, especially raw veggies. At some point you may still want to grab chips or cookies, but if you start with the healthy food, you are more likely to go light on junk food. Bingeing in any form isn’t a great idea, but it’s better if you overdo it with healthy food than with garbage.
Eating right when you have been a junk food junkie for so long can be difficult and won’t change overnight. If you are willing to choose your health, and use these Tips to Kick the Junk Food Habit it will get easier, and the reward is your health!

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Shake up your snacking with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. You can use Roasted Red Pepper Hummus on sandwiches, with vegetables, or in a salad. Garlicky Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is absolutely delicious, takes but a few minutes to prepare, and requires no cooking. Be the one who shows up at the party with this healthy dip everyone is sure to love.


Total Time: 10 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: None
Yield: 10 servings, each serving approximately 3 Tbsp.
1 (15-oz.) can Garbanzo Beans drained, rinsed
½ (12-oz.) jar roasted red peppers (not packed in oil), drained
2 fresh rosemary sprigs, leaves removed and coarsely chopped, stems discarded
4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1. Place beans, peppers, rosemary, and garlic in in blender or food processor; cover. Blend until smooth.
2. Slowly add oil, blending constantly until blended.


Understanding the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Portion Nutrition

One of the most frequent questions when people start a new nutrition program is how to handle portion control. That is why the new Master’s Hammer and Chisel Program uses a color-coded container system that makes portioning nutrition a breeze. Understanding the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Portion Nutrition makes nutrition balance and portion control easy and intuitive. No hassle of calorie counting, and you always know you are getting the right nutrition for the results you desire. If it fits in the container and is on the approved nutritious food list, you get to eat it!


The plan comes with six colored containers that represent six groups of foods that our bodies need for balanced nutrition. When you see how simple this nutrition plan is, you will see why it is changing people’s nutritional lifestyle, and doing it with ease.
The Green Container is for Vegetables. The vegetables can be cooked or raw, sliced or chopped. Examples of foods from the approved food list are lettuces, kale, squash, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Remember it is what fits in the container, so you can really squish the lettuce into the container and create one awesome salad!
The Purple Container is for Fruit. Obviously fruit like berries, grapes, and cherries can easily fit into the container, but larger fruits like watermelon, apples, oranges, and fruits with pits, like peaches, will need to be cut up so you can put them into the container to make sure you are getting the right amounts.
The Red Container is for Protein. This container is used for any meat protein, but also for yogurt, eggs, tofu, or shellfish. Some proteins have specific instructions in the food list guide.
The Yellow Container is for Starch and Grain Carbohydrates. This container is for rice, beans, sweet potatoes, and whole-grain pastas. When it comes to foods like sprouted grain bread, waffles or tortillas that won’t fit well into a container, the allowed amounts are in the food guide.
The Blue Container is for Healthy Fats. Healthy fats include avocados, nuts, cheese, and hummus, to name a few. Again, what you can fit in the container, you get to eat.
The Orange Container is for Seeds and Dressings. The orange container is the smallest, which is why it is used for most calorie-dense foods like seeds, olives, coconut, and approved dressing recipes.
Teaspoons. Teaspoons are also a measurement of use in the nutrition program. Teaspoons are used for oils and butters. A teaspoon is not provided with the system, as most people have one in their kitchens.
Understanding the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Portion Nutrition and how to use the containers will create greater results in your fitness and health program since 80-85% of the results come from the kitchen. The best part of this plan is you will not have to count calories or worry about macro-nutrient percentages, because the easy to use portion control system does it for you. The first step is to use the nutritional guide’s caloric equation formula to figure out approximately how many calories will need each day based on your goals. Once you figure out your daily calorie need, use the calorie chart to see how many containers of each color you get to eat each day.


Another great feature of this nutrition plan is you can mix and match foods of the same category to fill a single container, allowing you to create a greater variety. For example, if you don’t want to use a whole green container for spinach, you can fill it halfway with spinach and half with carrots. Two foods, one green container.
As convenient and transportable as the containers are, remember that you don’t have to eat out of them. Actually it is recommended that you really use them to measure your food and then empty them onto a plate or into a bowl so you can have a great presentation of your food. The better the presentation of food, the more satisfied you will feel when you have finished eating.
Understanding the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Portion Nutrition makes it easier to stay on track and focused on your nutritional goals. Often when people begin this program, they find that they’re full even before they’ve finished their portions for the day. The reason is healthy food has more volume than low nutritional foods and junk food. If you find this is the case for you, only eat what you can, but make sure to eat from all the containers instead of just filling up on your favorite kind and avoiding what you like the least. You still want to be balanced with all your food groups.
This system truly creates moderation and a sense of awareness about what you are eating. After you’ve completed this program, you’ll have a good idea of how many fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats you should be eating every day.!248

What Can Quercetin Do for You?

What Can Quercetin Do for You? It has been determined through sports science and nutritional research that quercetin can do quite a bit for your performance during exercise. Quercetin is a bioactive compound and phytonutrient. Phytonutrients give fruits and vegetables their color. Quercetin is found in apples, onions, and other fruits and vegetables that have a yellow color or yellow hue. This flavonoid has been found to have many benefits for humans. When Quercetin is used in products it will give a yellow color to the supplement. The brighter the yellow, the more pure the quercetin. Beachbody Performance Energize and Hydrate are two of the best supplements on the market that contain quercetin. Their day-glow yellow color proves that the quercetin is very pure.
To understand What Can Quercetin Do for You?, you first must have a better understanding what it is and what it can do to benefit you and your performance during workouts.


Quercetin can help enhance your immune system. Quercetin may have antiviral benefits, and help fight oxidative stress, which in turn can help regulate immune function, and reduce your chances of developing illness when you are training hard.
Though quercetin can help with these immune functions, it does this best when combined with specific nutrients.  When combined with vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids it has a greater impact on the reduction of oxidative stress.
Quercetin can also help decrease Inflammation. It has been known to be high in anti-inflammatory properties following exercise. Scientists have seen that when quercetin is combined with green tea (another powerful flavonoid), a reduction in inflammation takes place immediately after exercise. This is a huge benefit since acute inflammation slows recovery, and contributes to DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).
Quercetin increases energy. It increases energy by supporting mitochondrial biogenesis. Mitochondria produce the energy that powers the cells in the body. The more mitochondria, the more energy. More energy, the greater physical output one will have. This means the body will be faster, stronger, and perform better.


What Can Quercetin Do for You? Anyone who engages in exercise should seriously consider having quercetin as a part of their supplementation plan. Quercetin when combined with the other nutrients that are important to your body will help boost your performance and protect your body from unnecessary damage. Get your performance and body in top form by using Energize andHydrate from the Beachbody Performance Line. These two products have the right amount of Quercetin, and the other nutrients needed to have peak performance and recovery.!248

Resolutions that Can Change Your New Year!

Each year many of us set resolutions for the new year and don’t see much change.  If done correctly you can set Resolutions that Can Change Your New Year and have a dramatic ripple effect on your health, and happiness.


Smile More Often: It’s a well known fact that the simple act of smiling can make you happier and healthier, even if your smile is forced. According to the facial feedback hypothesis, smiling activates the release of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, neurotransmitters that help reduce stress and elicit positive emotions. Plus, smiling can be contagious. When you smile, you are more inviting, attractive, relaxed and sincere to others. Choose to Smile Often!
Have a Health and Fitness Regimen: Regular physical exercise and a healthy nutritional diet cannot only help with weight management, but also can reduce stress, fight disease, improve your mood, and improve your energy levels and sleep. Regular exercise and eating healthier can also help you appear be a better leader.
Schedule Personal Time: YES… Schedule personal time. With our busy lives most of us don’t personal time, so schedule it. Evidence suggests that the most productive people are not the busiest but the best at prioritizing their free time. So schedule time for personal passions, family, and other activities that are important to you.
Only Commit to Things You Can Do: Many people want to say maybe to things, or yes, even when they know that they will cancel when it comes up anyhow. Don’t do this! If you can’t make it to dinner with your friend next week don’t say maybe in fear of disappointing them, just say you can’t. Not overextending yourself will save you time and consternation down the road. Plus, when you can actually commit, the person knows you mean it and it will mean something to them.
Use Your Calendar: The best way to stay on top of your goals is to be relentless about your calendar. Managing things to do, things that are important to you, your deadlines, and more will keep you organized, and ensure that you prioritize your most important tasks. Remember that your schedule and calendar should include time with family and friends, reading, personal hobbies, workouts, and all the other things that are important to you and your health.


You will be amazed how these guidelines can be the Resolutions that Can Change Your New Year. When you create your personal to-do list and make it as important as your work to-do list, you begin to create balance. Those these are Resolutions that Can Change Your New Year, it is important to re-evaluate everything you are doing on a weekly and monthly basis. You may want to consider setting up reminders for re-evaluation as well. You can create change in your New Year.!248

Tips to Leave the High Calorie Holidays Behind

Okay, the holidays are about over. It is time to leave the high-calorie holiday world behind. Here are Tips to Leave the High Calorie Holidays Behind and get back on track to fat loss and a healthy body.
These Tips to Leave the High Calorie Holidays Behind will help you get on the fast-track to results, but in a way you can use for the entire year as you implement all your health and fitness strategies to a healthier lifestyle.


  • Plan, Shop, and Prepare a Meal Plan
Plan, shop, and prepare is a MUST. I don’t just mean planning what you are going to eat for dinner. I mean planning what you are going to eat for every meal for the next 2 weeks.
Your schedule might go like this:
  • Pre-exercise – Daily Energy
  • Breakfast – 2-3 eggs, 1 apple, Green Tea or coffee (if you do a post workout recovery drink use half an apple and only two eggs)
  • Snack – 1 oz raw almonds, 1 pear, Green Tea or Shakeology
  • Lunch – Grilled chicken, fish, or black beans with a spinach salad, onions, peppers, etc., a banana or bowl of cherries, 2 cups unsweetened iced tea with lemon
  • Snack – Raw vegetables and hummus
  • Dinner – Protein, vegetables and fruit… Steak, chicken or fish, a sweet potato, your favorite vegetables, and a bowl of your favorite fruit for dessert.
Once per week you can have a slightly larger meal of your favorite foods – whatever you want. Just remember there is NO binging or eating into a food coma.
Sticking to this for 14 days could cause weight loss of 5-11 pounds in 14 days.
  • Use High Intensity Workouts
You really have everything you need to get started. Most programs don’t need any equipment, or they need something as easy as a resistance band. Check out Beachbody On-Demand for the best High Intensity Workouts that are only 30 minutes. Yes, done in 30 minutes.


Let nothing stand in the way of your workouts except real emergencies! Switching to High Intensity Workouts will burn more fat than the usual walking,  jogging, or elliptical sessions.
Be sure to check out Beachbody On-Demand for the best workouts available for at home use.
  • Write Your Way to Fat Loss
Writing and journaling about what you are doing is good for the mind, body, and soul.
You must also carve out 15 minutes to write out two outcome goals and three process goals for the next 2 weeks. Write down EXACTLY what you want to accomplish for the outcome goals (i.e. lose 6 pounds), and then three process goals (action steps) so you can achieve your outcome goal (i.e. drink Shakeology each day, do all 21 Day Fix Workouts per the Calendar, and drink 10 cups of water each day).
Next write a letter to yourself how you will do these action goals every day or else. Each day before you start in your journal write the action goals for that day (i.e. drink my Shakeology, do 21 Day Fix Dirty 30, Drink 10 glasses of water). At the end of the day, journal how your day went, how the exercise and nutrition went, and whether you completed your goals.
  • Recruit an Accountability Partner
Research has shown that recording your nutrition in a food journal, and having someone review and or do it with you increases your chances of reaching your goals. A third study found that even having an accountability coach online increased your chances of success by 70%. This is why Beachbody has Free Coaches that can help you reach your goals, and you can participate in their Challenge Groups to work with a group and get results faster.
  • Journal Check-In and Cheat Meal
When you have made it seven days and can truly go into your journal and say I accomplished seven days with success. You can have a cheat meal (meal, not day). Be honest. If you truly didn’t do what you needed to do, then be honest.
This cheat meal doesn’t mean gorging. It simply means having a normal meal of your favorite foods to give you a mental break from your plan. When the meal is over, don’t go back for seconds. Get right back on track.
  • Mental Performance Review
Since you will be reviewing your journal you may want to take a weekly Mental Performance Review. Write down all obstacles that are still in your way of success, and then develop two solutions that can help you overcome each of them. Get some help from your accountability partner, coach, or challenge group. The more you and your group shares solutions, the more weight loss you will all accomplish.  
Using these Tips to Leave the High Calorie Holidays Behind should be used on a two-week basis. Once you have completed two weeks’ review and start the process again. In the first two weeks if you use a coach, sound nutrition plan, and a high quality workout program, I bet you will lose 5-10 pounds of fat, have a good start on developing healthy habits that you could stick to for life.!248

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when any people eat too much and gain weight. Of course you can control whether you overeat or allow yourself to gain weight. Research has shown that the American on average gain 3-5 pounds during the holiday season. Without implementing a healthy lifestyle throughout the year, over the course of five years, holiday weight gain can really add up. So why not start by implementing some Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies that can help keep that 3-5 pounds off your waistline.
The holidays don’t have to mean weight gain. If you focus on these Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies you will be have a healthy balance of food, activity, and fun. By implementing these few Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies you can stay healthy through the holiday season and be better off and more likely to really hit your New Year’s Health and Wellness Goals.
Healthy Holiday-Eating Strategies
  1. Be Real! Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays. Have your focus be on maintaining your current weight.
  2. Plan and schedule time for exercise. Exercise will help prevent weight gain, but also is the best holiday stress reliever. If you get in 30-45 minutes of exercise a day during the holiday season, you will have less stress and keep weight gain at bay.
  3. Don’t skip meals. Eating your three meals and two snacks a day is important every day, but even more so during the holiday season. This pattern can keep you from overindulging at parties. Eating light snack like raw vegetables, a piece of fruit, drinking a total nutrition shake, and drinking a large glass of water before parties can really make a difference.
  4. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. Savor your favorite holiday treats by eating small portions of each rather than full portions of everything. Sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy.
  5. Be aware of beverages. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions and induce overeating; non-alcoholic beverages can also be full of calories and sugar. Start yourself off with a large glass of water, and go to the party with the thought of only two drinks. After the large glass of water, have one drink, then two glasses of water before your second drink.
  6. Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering. Offering to bring a healthy entrée to the party or gathering can ensure you have something that fits your plan. With the greater emphasis on healthy nutrition in recent years, more than likely there will be other more healthful items available that you can also enjoy.
  7. Practice Healthy Holiday Cooking. Preparing favorite dishes with lower unhealthy fats and excess calories helps promote healthy holiday eating. Incorporate some of these simple-cooking tips in traditional holiday recipes to make them healthier.
  • Gravy — Refrigerate the gravy to harden fat. Skim the fat off. This will save a whopping 56 grams of fat per cup.
  • Stuffing — Use a little less bread and add more onions, garlic, celery, and vegetables. Moisten or flavor with low fat low sodium chicken or vegetable broth.
  • Green Bean Casserole — Cook fresh green beans with chucks of potatoes instead of making the traditional green bean casserole.
  • Mashed Potato — Use pureed cauliflower made with low sodium vegetable broth.
Enjoy the holidays, plan a time for activity, incorporate healthy recipes into your holiday meals, and don’t restrict yourself from enjoying your favorite holiday foods. In the long run, your mind and body will thank you.!248

5 Easy Fixes to Keep You on Track with Nutrition

The average length of time that people actually stay on a healthy nutrition plan with making 5 Easy Fixes to Keep You On Track with Nutrition is about 19 days. By day five, about two-thirds of people have already cheated.


Whatever the time frame, whether five minutes or five weeks, the point is many people have a hard time sticking to healthy nutrition plan. Why is sticking with a healthy nutrition plan so hard? More importantly, what can you do about it? You actually can do a lot. Here are 5 Easy Fixes to Keep You on Track with Nutrition to keep you choosing healthy nutrition more often than not.
1. Make Your Nutrition Plan Fit Your Lifestyle:
People often look at changing their nutrition as a point A to point B venture. The thing is, it is not this way. Changing your nutrition is about adopting a plan that fits your lifestyle. You have to develop a plan that fits the time you have to spend on meal prep, not have too many restrictions.
Rather than trying the latest “diet fad”, focus developing a nutritional lifestyle change that can truly be long term. If you don’t have time to cook or don’t enjoy it, seek out recipes that are quick and easy, and learn how to look for healthy options that you can enjoy when at restaurants, use a balanced nutrition plan that is easy like the Portion Fix Nutrition Plan by Beachbody, or seek assistance from a nutrition specialist.
2. Be Realistic with Your Expectations:
Don’t set high expectations for your weight loss when you are just starting to make nutritional changes. Remember that healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week (with no cheating or missteps in your nutrition) and getting 45 minutes of exercise daily. So be real with your expectations.
Recognize that you’re just starting to establish healthy new habits. It’s natural to slip once in a while, and that’s okay. Be realistic and know that a diet slip doesn’t have to mean diet fail and just giving up altogether. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.
3. Change Your Environment:
Your environment has the biggest effect on your eating. Think about what you keep in your refrigerator, freezer and cupboards, snacks that are stashed in your desk, or the fast food places you pass on your commute every day. Temptations are all around if you are not taking charge of your environment.


Clear tempting, high-calorie foods out of your house. Rather than a jar of candy on your desk or a bag of cookies on your kitchen counter, put out some fresh fruit or healthy protein snack bars. Cut up some fresh veggies and put them in a highly visible spot in your refrigerator. Stock your freezer and pantry with healthy staples. Out of sight, out of mind. If the only thing you can grab when you are hungry is healthy food, then that is what you will eat.  Change your commute route so you don’t have as many fast food places to pass. This is truly changing your environment.
4. Eat Regular Meals and Snacks:
Most people think the quickest way to lose weight is to eat as little as possible. WRONG! Skipping meals and snacks leaves you hungry, tired and cranky. Deprivation also triggers sugar and caffeine cravings and people tend to overeat at the meals they do consume.
Establish a regular eating pattern to keep from getting overly hungry. The best plan is to eat every 3-4 hours. This equates to three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. This pattern makes it easier to control your portions and teaches you to eat just enough versus overeating.
5. Only Eat for Hunger:
Don’t eat when you are emotional, tired, or bored. Eating for these reasons makes a negative brain connection that may carry over into other areas of life.
If you get emotional or bored and feel the need to eat, take a moment to stop, acknowledge the feelings you are having, and what you are doing. If you find yourself eating when you’re not really physically hungry be sure to track this in a log. This will help you overcome this habit. Secondly, find an alternative activity when you find this happening (i.e. go for a walk, dance, read a book, etc.). Plus, exercise is one of the best mood-lifters.

Five Rules of Holiday Fitness

Don’t be that person who puts fitness goals on the back burner this holiday season. You can enjoy the holidays and crush your goals by following the Five Rules of Holiday Fitness!
Everyone always seems to have the same concerns when the holidays come around. We all want to attend as many events, dinners, and ugly-sweater parties as possible, but we don’t want our health and fitness to suffer as a result.
You would think that through the years people would have figured out how to have their cake and health and fitness, too. The reality is that some of us have, but too many of us have not. The answer should not be about desperately doing everything you can do from January to November for your health and fitness and then just see what happens in November and December. You need a new approach.
The Five Rules of Holiday Fitness could single-handedly be your turning point and finally teach you to learn to love the holidays and maintain your health and fitness levels throughout!
So, let’s take a look at the old way most people do things and the new rules that will help.


OLD WAY: Try (AND FAIL) to stick to a split program through the holidays
NEW RULE #1: Do Full-Body Workouts during the holiday season.
Things come up during the holiday season all of the time.  If you are doing split workouts, you will be so scattered that you will be missing some body parts and over-working others.
A few missed workouts does not mean you should throw in the towel until next week or next month. Instead, consider following a program of full-body workouts that use resistance, cardio, and yoga or stretching will keep you moving forward even if you miss a day or two.
Since time is valued this time of year, it’s a great time to look at At-Home Workouts. Working out at home saves time and money because you won’t have to drive to the gym. At-Home Workouts doesn’t mean your workouts will be easy. If anything, they may feel harder! Many At-Home Workout Programs incorporate super-sets, cardio bursts, or other compound movements to elevate your heart rate and maximize your time. Trust me: you won’t lose any ground. Honestly you will more likely gain ground and see results, and the gym may be something you do once in a while after the holidays.
OLD WAY: Allowing Events and Workouts to Compete for Your Time
NEW RULE #2: Good Morning Workout!
The holiday season typically makes everyone’s schedules more jam-packed with events after work. This can also be a time that many plan to workout. So which do you do? During the holiday season the holiday events typically win.  There’s no reason to waste time figuring this out. The decision is “Good Morning Workout”.  
Doing your workout first thing in the morning keeps you on track and never missing a beat. Plus it lowers your stress because you are not thinking about having a workout when the unexpected event comes up, because yours is already done.  If you are gym person, then load up your gym bag the night before to save time and give yourself enough time to eat, get to the gym, clean up, and off to work. This again is where At-Home Programs can ease the stress of time. It can save you 45-60 minutes of time in the morning which could be used for extra sleep.
OLD WAY: Don’t consume all the decadent treats and sweets
NEW RULE #3: Try to eat only the treats and sweets new and appealing, don’t just gobble all the old favorites. Have a small portion of your favorite seasonal treats, and skip the things you can get anytime of the year.


Most people fail miserably at this one, so set yourself up with an incentive. Maybe it’s money in a jar for every time you skip something you can have anytime or have already had this season. Whatever incentive works for you, try it and do it.
Keep in mind that sugary treats can be found everywhere you look, so be mindful. Mindful means if you want the pumpkin pie or egg nog, scrap the Oreo cookies in the break-room or a cafe mocha on the way home. You don’t want to ride the blood-sugar high all New Year’s and have to make resolutions that you would have never needed to make.
OLD WAY: Try to resist the urge even if you are starving.
NEW RULE #4: Plain and simple… Don’t let yourself get to the point you are starving!
Planning ahead becomes crucial and staying hydrated is important. Being prepared for the unexpected during the holiday season (or anytime) is important. Pack protein bars, raw almonds, apples or other fruit, or packets of total nutrition Shakeology.
Having these extra healthy snack options will help get through the day and are necessary before going to an unexpected holiday event. A healthy snack prior to your event will help you stick to the plan of not eating whatever throughout the night.
Drinking a 12-16-ounce glass of water prior to going to the event will also help you feel full when you arrive. Keep drinking water throughout the event.
OLD WAY: Training all year with hopes that people notice during the holidays
NEW RULE #5:  Invite friends and family to join you for your workouts, whether at home or the gym.
The holidays are often times when you see people you haven’t seen for a while.
It’s normal to secretly want to shock those people, and have them give you the “Wow” compliment! Or the “What have you been doing?” “You look great!” So instead of being secret and looking for your compliment, why not help inspire them to embrace the fit life. It is always better to give and inspire.
Make a workout date with a friend, family member, or coworker this holiday season. It will help hold both of you accountable for getting your workouts completed and provide a more natural platform for fitness questions and conversation, should any arise. Give the gift of health by inviting them and giving them an At-Home Fitness Challenge Pack to keep them going after the holidays.
Also remember to go for walks after big dinners and do things as a family like skiing, snowshoeing, hitting the beach, or going for a hike, depending on your climate.
Whatever you do, do it with friends and family. Inspire versus go for the compliment. Give the gift of health and fitness.
The bottom line is the holidays come once a year, but they still occur every year. So lower your stress and stay healthy and fit through the holidays by dumping the old ways and implementing these Five Rules for Holiday Fitness.
Finish the year strong!!248