What is your goal?

It happens every time each year: the end of the year rolls around and many have yet to achieve the goals they set for themselves the previous year.  Many of those goals relate to exercise routines or weight loss goals.  New Year's Day comes yet again, and those resolutions are set again for the year.

Many times though, those goals are the "big picture", where someone wants to see themselves by the years end.  They are too big to achieve in a reasonable time and thus, many give up and throw in the towel.

Ever think of setting small, obtainable goals?  "Lose 2 pounds by......"; "fit into a smaller pants size by...."; "be able to feel comfortable in a bathing suit this yr at Spring Break"; etc.  These are much smaller, achievable goals for most.  They are not the end result that you may be wanting, but they are something that once achieved will beg you to continue on your path.

So, I ask, what are your "small steps" that will allow you to meet the "big picture" you have set for yourself this year??

Yours in fitness,


What is your goal?