Question asked by Robin Dunbar 2323 days ago

Where would I find a comprehensive list of post workout stretches for my boot camp clients?


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Answered by Ariadne Greenberg 2322 days ago
If you are looking for a resource from which you can make individualized recommendations for your clients you might consider the book 'Stretching Anatomy' by Nelson and Kokkonen. It is organized by body part, and does a good job of illustrating and explaining how to do the stretch, which muscles are involved.

I know there are handouts available on the web with various stretches, and I expect a google search will give you a few, and I think ACE and IDEA probably have handouts you can use. Such general guidelines can be a nice starting point, but I tend to like to individualize, as there is as much variation in the way we stretch as there is in the way we strengthen.

Good luck

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