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Pre-post natal seminars

What are the best books, seminars, certs for pre and post natal education for personal trainers?


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I have specialized in women's health and fitness for 30 plus years. I have read your profile and you are an enthusiastic women who wishes to better herself in her field. I admire that. It is good to ask questions for it is how you learn.

First I would contact or see on line the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines. Second, do not work with any pregnant women without a physician approval of your exercise routine for her. Doctors are more reluctant today to work with trainers for liability reasons. but, if you exhibit good knowledge you may get approval.

Some books of the past or information on your interest are as followed. R.J. Morrow wrote on the " Fetal and maternal hemodynamics response to exercise and pregnancy" ,R Artal wrote on exercise and pregnancy Clin Sports medicine.

these are articles that were written in the past but, pregnancy has not changed much for 2000 years. Don't let the large words intimidate you. they usually refer to something simple.

I have fitness trained many pregnant woman with no problem but do not underestimate your responsibility. You will find many references from here on other questions. However, this is serious to me so, if you have any doubt feel free to ask me.ok. Good Luck.

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I think being up on current research is useful, and primary sources are good, but there is so much research being done now you will want a way to get an overview. IDEA Today does, I think, a good job of giving an overview of interesting research. So one step will be to make sure to read each issue thoroughly. You can get a subscription to the 'green journal' (ACOG's official journal), but unless you are conversant with reading primary research you might find it difficult to flesh out what you need to know from the studies. It can also get pricey. However, ACOG does have a web site, and you might want to take a look at those resources.

One other thing I would suggest you consider is taking a few prenatal yoga classes. While you would not be teaching yoga without significant training, you might find some really helpful techniques for stretching and breathing, both of which are important for prenatal exercise. If you are looking for a video I believe Shiva Rea has one, and she is a very good teacher.

If you are going to do prenatal you probably do want an official training or certification. It is important to be knowledgable with any population you choose to serve, but doubly so with this group. ACE has a course, and if I were moving back into working extensively with this group would probably be where I would go, as it is a group that has been around for a long time, and tends to give a good training. I would under no circumstances choose the cheapest, quickest option.

Good luck
There are several certifications to choose from:

Fit to Deliver

Prenatal Postnatal Exercise Specialist Certification program

Prenatal Pilates Certification

I would consider learning all you can about this specialty group. The ACOG is a great starting place. These certifications, as well as ACE is a great second step.

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