Question asked by Jennifer Menzer 972 days ago

NASM CES vs. AFPA Post Rehab Exercise Specialist vs. ACE Medical Exercise Specialist?

Working with the post 40 clientele and want to work with pre/post rehab clients


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Answered by Karin Singleton 972 days ago
Hi Jennifer,

I can only speak to the NASM vs ACE certifications as I do not have the AFPA.

Which one of those is better for your depends on the clients you serve. From a practical orthopedic pre/post rehab perspective, I got more out of the NASM CES. ACE is much more oriented toward cardiovascular, metabolic and pulmonary conditions.

On the other hand, ACE CMES is a full certification with a very challenging proctored test, and you need to re-certify every two years. As such, it wold carry higher weight on a resume. NASM CES is a test that you can take at home (even though they do not make it very easy either).

Hope this helps.
Karin Singleton
Answered by Jennifer Menzer 971 days ago
Thank you!

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