Question asked by Irene Pastore 1868 days ago

Do any trainers use a post office box, or UPS address for their business?

I'm planning to open a studio in my home, and prefer not to use my home address in Google Maps, and other online resources. Can anyone who works from home/mobile give me advice on what they do?


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Answered by Karin Singleton 1868 days ago
Hi Jan,

I have my physical address posted on my website and also here on IDEA FitnessConnect. My reason is that proximity is a factor for people when they look for a personal trainer. If I were to look for one to work out at a studio in his or her home, I would want to know beforehand where this studio is located.

Karin Singleton
Answered by Ariadne Greenberg 1868 days ago
If you already have a following and do not anticipate ever using your web site or social media to get new clients you could probably do that.

However, generally I agree with karin.... when people are looking for a trainer they often start with an online search. And even if they are given a recommendation by someone they know they will look up the place/person online... not giving an address puts you in the position of missing out on business, makes it hard for people to locate you (sometimes I need to go someplace and cannot find the business card I was given and just look it up on my smart phone to remind myself of the address. Actually I do that numerous times a week. And for people who do not know you personally it can send a message that there is something questionable about the business.

Answered by Martin Petrofes 1868 days ago
I do not think using a PO Box would be a problem. It isn't for me. I have a PO Box for all of my official mail. I only use the location address when ordering things to be delivered that can't go to the Post Office. I do not list my location on my website. I don't want people just popping in as it interrupts client sessions. And I prefer to prescreen clients over the phone to save me time. As of right now, the studio is a trainer session facility only (no working out without a trainer). I do plan to expand to a open door gym sometime in the next year. When I do that, I will put the location out publicly in my ads and website.

I had a open door gym years ago that I ran the same way. First as a trainer session only studio and then as an open door gym. But I put the location on all my ads the entire time. It was not productive to have people just pop in to see the facility while it was a trainer only studio. That is why I am doing it differently this time. And it is working out very nicely for me. People call that are interested and I set up a time to meet with them according to my schedule. Before people would pop in. Most of them were at the building to go to another business and saw my sign. They came in, took some information as I was busy with a client, left and never got back to me. I may have lost a few potential clients that were looking for a location to visit unannounced, but it wasn't an issue. I had all the business I wanted to have.
Answered by Natalie Smith 1862 days ago
Hello Jan Stewart,
If you are not comfortable using your address, then don't. I get back to those who contact me to find out if they are in my mobile training area. I prefer word of mouth advertising anyway; less surprises that way and more camaraderie from the start which builds the rapport quicker.
Take care,
Natalie aka NAPS 2 B Fit.
I would use a if I didn't have a safe place at my studio to receive mail related to business.

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